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  3. Click Receive from GPS in EasyGPS or ExpertGPS. Save a backup of your data. Then, connect your Garmin Drive 61 and click Send to GPS.
  4. I have a nuvi 2350 and want to transfer all my saved waypoints to my new garmin drive 61. How can I do that?
  5. Thanks Dan. Will have to think about this a bit. I need some way of automatically grabbing current location info from my GPS and getting that data into a spreadsheet on a dynamic on-demand basis. The timing of these inputs are random and dependent on when I reach a point on a road or trail and hit a key on my laptop indicating an event has occurred and to record the location and time information. This is probably something outside of your design purposes for this software. Something like an API portal to grab location info is what I really am looking for. I may have to develop my own software to do that. Having a moving map on the laptop is also desirable but not mandatory for my purposes. Sorry for taking up your time.
  6. The Tracking feature in ExpertGPS will record your current location every second. After you are done recording, you can export the data to CSV or copy and paste into Excel.
  7. I am interested in obtaining GPS software that will allow me to automatically download, on a continuous basis, GPS coordinates to my laptop in a format that I can use with an Excel macro. I currently have a Garmin nuvi1490T that I would like to use as the source for GPS data. The Excel macro routines will need to grab current GPS coordinates and enter them into a spreadsheet along with other information. This routine will be used on a personal, non-business environment with the laptop installed in my SUV and used while driving through the deserts of northern Nevada. There will be no access to cell or internet services while in the remoter areas. It would be nice to have a live map display showing current location and tracks. I expect, if this is possible, I would have to purchase the ExertGPS Home software. Any input or validation that either ExpertGPS or EasyGPS could fill this need would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  8. I use internet explorer, and can reach and without issue, the firewall is just the standard windows firewall, and the antivirus is trend micro. I was going to update my other computer to latest expert gps software (currently running on 5.95) but don't want to take the risk of not being able to use your program at all. I disabled my firewall and tried again but no luck
  9. 1. What internet browser do you use regularly? (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) 2. What firewall or anti-virus software do you use? You may need to configure your firewall to allow ExpertGPS to reach the Web. 3. Run Internet Explorer (not Chrome or Firefox) and browse to and If you are not able to view these web pages (or any other common web pages) in Internet Explorer, click on the Windows Start menu button, click Run, and type "Internet Options". Click the Connections tab, and click Setup to set up an Internet connection. Once Internet Explorer can browse the Web successfully, ExpertGPS should be able to download and display maps.
  10. Installed program on new computer, error message pops up saying map retrieval command could not be completed. (Internal error 1416-800c0008: the download of the specified resource has failed. No servers reachable
  11. My favorite technique is to zoom in on the area where I'll be hiking or hunting, and click Extract Features from OpenStreetMap on the Map menu, under Map Overlays and Layers. This will create shapes for all of the roads and trails and boundaries in the area. You can then choose which of these shapes you want to send to your GPS as tracklogs. You can use Simplify to reduce the number of points in a tracklog before sending to your GPS.
  12. Here is a Custom Map of your area if it helps any. Actual image was blurry but I tried to clear it up a little. 12 MB file is large. Scout Camp.kmz
  13. Carl, it appears that the LABEL field is sorted "alphabetically", not numerically. If your labels were 001, 002, ..., 250, I think they would sort fine. One easy way to do this, in Excel, is to select the LABEL column, select FORMAT CELLS, select the NUMBERS tab, scroll down to CUSTOM, and in TYPE field enter "000" (3 zeros). That will force all numbers to have 3 digits and will convert 1 to 001, 23 to 023, and so on. I tried it and it copied to ExpertGPS properly and sorted properly even after being saved in a new file.
  14. I am a newbie and somewhat computer challenged. I am a Mac guy and bought an HP PC with windows 10 just to run ExpertGPS. On my Google Earth I have many roads and paths and points of interest. On my 650 I have hundred of waypoints of waypoints and would like to show some roads and paths and I know it can only hold so much. While hunting I like to have a printed map with everything on it: roads, paths, waypoints and points of interest. For some reason I find it a lot easier to draw paths on GE than on Exgps.. When putting a path or road on my 650 does every one of those little dots count as a waypoint against the total waypoints allowed on the 650? So what is my best strategy?..... Is it better to replace the paths and roads with straight line routes so there are fewer little dots but making them jagged looking? Is it better to do this on GE and then transfer? Is it better to go directly from GE to the 650 for some items? I mainly want to gets recommendations, detailed instructions how to do them and avoid pitfalls. I have searched the forum and tutorials and maybe have missed something. Thanks
  15. Does anyone know how to run ExpertGPS on a MacAir Computer?
  16. That worked ! Thank You ! Thanks for the explanation and the workaround. EGPS ....Absolutely the Best software ever!
  17. ExpertGPS keeps your waypoint data in two lists, the "file order" list, and the "sorted for display" list. The file order list keeps track of the order in which data was added to the file, and they are rendered to the screen in this order (oldest first, so new data is on top of older data). The Waypoint List on the left side of the screen is ALWAYS (usually) displayed with the data sorted by one of the columns. The one time this list is displayed "out of sorted order" is when you've just imported data, like from a CSV file. So what's happening is that when you open the saved GPX file, it's immediately sorted according to whichever column in the Waypoint List you last sorted by. As a workaround, if you sort by a column that doesn't have any data in it (proximity, depth, etc) and then reopen your GPX file, the sort for display won't reorder anything, and you'll be seeing the data in the order it was saved in your file, which matches the order in the CSV file.
  18. Dan, I have a file with 250+ Ditchs with names, GPS coordinates, etc. I needed to re-sort them in the order that they are checked by a Water Commissioner so I exported the file as a CSV file . In the spreadsheet I Re numbered them in the desired/correct order in the label column and sorted on that column. Then re imported that file into EGPS, Data shows up correctly sorted just as I wanted. However, when I save the file under a new name and reopen it, it is no longer sorted correctly What could I be missing? Attached is the csv file sorted in the correct order. Ditches 2017.csv
  19. EasyGPS only works with GPX files. You can convert KML to GPX using the Import KML command on the Convert menu in ExpertGPS.
  20. I have been trying to convert a ".kml" to a ".gpx" using EasyGPS but I cannot get this function to work. When I attempt to open the ".kml" file in EasyGPS, the only options for opening files in EasyGPS are files with teh extension ".gpx". How do I make this conversion using EasyPGPS? Thanks.
  21. Hi Dan, I've found georeferencing a jpg image in Google Earth to be a tedious and somewhat imprecise process. Thank you so much for your two-point drag and drop method of doing it in ExGPS. It's now easy, fast and quite precise. I couldn't be more pleased with the result. Rod
  22. Sorry, this GPS is no longer supported.
  23. Hi all,\I have an old handheld device Lowrance GlobalNav 212 but I cannot connect it to EasyGps through com1 port as the only option it gives me no matter what model I choose is "memory card". I know the device is old, but I have sucessfully conected an older one (garmin gpsmap 210) through com1 and I exchange data with no problem choosing device GPSMAP 76C. Any help would be much appreciated Thank you Petros
  24. Dan's method worked fine.
  25. Or right-click, click Remove Track Gaps to see the hidden points at the beginning.
  26. Jim, I have had that happen and what I did was this, Right click on the track, then click on trackpoint list, and look at the coordinates column. Probably at one end of the list (either end) you'll find one or a few points with drastically different coordinates that will stand out as the one(s) to delete. Then everything will center fine when you select it.
  27. Track created by a Garmin 60CSx does not center properly in the pix. I suspect there are some hidden data points in the left portion of the screen. But I can not select them for deletion.
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