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  2. No, waypoints, routes, and tracks are stored in .usr files, not LCM.
  3. I have it figured out it is a Lcm file will expertGps open it. Thanks Dean
  4. It sounds like the file only contains waypoints. You could confirm by copying the .usr file directly to your HDS, to see if any tracks appear on the GPS. Post the .usr as an attachment here if you need another opinion.
  5. Hello, I am new to mapping. I have a lowrance HDS5 gen2 in my jeep I downloaded waypoints from Pci of some trails called PCIJVHammers.usr so when I import it in easygps it shows all the waypoints but it doesn't show the actual trail I know this is probably a stupid question but I guess everybody starts off somewhere.I am looking forward to getting into it. Thanks Dean
  6. EasyGPS and ExpertGPS no longer support serial-based GPS receivers. However, you can use this version of ExpertGPS to transfer data to and from your GPS.
  7. Have about 60 waypoints in my original (yellow) eTrex. Want to transfer those waypoints to an eTrex Vista I bot used that came with a serial cable. My computer has a USB 3.0 port but no serial port and runs Windows 7 but I still have an old PC running XP with a serial port. Is there a version of EasyGPS that will work with both these eTrex devices (or two versions: one for each)? After I transfer the waypoints, I'd like to continue to use the Windows 7 computer with the Vista. How would i do that if not already covered by the answer to the above? Both my original eTrex and the eTrex Vista have no letter designations after their names.
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  9. I'm working on increasing the variety of date/time formats that ExpertGPS can recognize and parse when importing CSV data. If you have GPS data logger files, or timestamped data from another program, I'm looking for sample data files to test with. You can post CSV files here or email them to me at support @@ expertgps dot com.
  10. I have a garmin etrex legend HCx. I have the HCx selected in both. and of course not the comments are not transferring on either.
  11. What's the exact GPS model you own, and what's the exact model you selected in both versions of EasyGPS?
  12. EasyGPS 5.79 is not transferring the information desired in the comment section during transfer. Same GPS works fine with windows 10 upgrade, and EasyGPS 5.79.
  13. Sounds good, thanks for the speedy reply!
  14. The current cartography for the worldwide street map has some quirks, as you've discovered. When you zoom in past a certain level, the contour lines are hidden behind some land use polygons (parks, the wooded area around your ski slopes). I'm in the final phases of testing an entirely new set of cartographic rules which should fix this, and make the maps more useful in general to outdoor users. This will be automatically switched over for all users once I've finished testing. Currently, the topo maps are scanned USGS topo maps for areas in the US, and a topo-centric street map for everywhere else, which is why the menu still says Show Topo Map (USA Only). That will likely change when the new cartography comes into effect.
  15. Hello, I've just downloaded ExpertGPS and am evaluating it in demo mode. It seems that when I zoom in too far, the topo lines are disappearing. Some of the lines are still visible, it seems in areas that there is no tree cover. So it seems like the tree cover is covering the topo lines. I've included a couple of screen shots to illustrate. The location of these images is N49.375 W123.085. It also happens at this US location: N48.91406 W121.69975. Is there any reason why "Show Topo Map (USA Only)" is limited to USA only? This option does show a nice Canadian topo map when you start in the US and scroll into Canada, but it eventually reverts back to "Show Street Map". Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Martin
  16. I understand what you're saying and I agree with your agreement with the OSM policy. Frankly I was surprised when I first realized that I could relatively easily modify the OSM maps. I can well imagine official entities like state and local governments not wanting to take responsibility for trails drawn on their maps. Even if the trail maps were originally accurate, conditions change over time. I could see some hikers running into trouble and blaming the governmental entity that produced the map.
  17. The "OSM approved" way to do this would be to go out and hike those trails with your GPS, so that the data you upload has been "ground truthed". I have to say I agree with OSM on this policy - the traces in OSM should reflect what exists on the ground, not what someone claims is the "official" trail network. If you haven't heard, there's a new effort by MassWildlife to let most trails on their wildlife management areas fade into obscurity, and they are actively trying to erase them from online maps.
  18. Thanks, Dan. The gpx file I'm working with was produced by the Town of Arlington, MA and shows trails in one of the Town's parks. I was asked (not by the Town) to upload this file to OSM to correct the trail map which is currently there which contains several errors. Perhaps I can check with the Town.
  19. ExpertGPS data will have a <time> tag if your data was recorded with a GPS. It won't have a <time> tag if you drew something on the map or imported data that didn't originate with GPS data. OpenStreetMap doesn't want you uploading hand-drawn GPX files, or imported data, which is why they specifically reject data without a timestamp. I believe this is to help ensure that anything you upload was created by you, and that you're not violating somebody's copyright by tracing their map or bulk-uploading their vector data. I know they bulk-import data from MassGIS and other organizations, so perhaps if you talk to them about your project they can set you up with some sort of bypass.
  20. I'm trying to upload a .gpx file of track segments to Open Street Map. I'm getting the error: Found no good GPX points in the input data. At least 75% of the trackpoints lacked a <time> tag. Looking at the file text I see the <time> </time> tag is empty. Is there a quick way to use EGPS to fill in the time tag with a set of "dummy" values that OSM will find acceptable?
  21. Thanks, Yeah playing with it i figured it out. I deleted the CPIACE.USR file as it seemed to hold a duplicate of some way points and tracks. Then I fired up the unit without the SD card in it, deleted all the tracks and way points and other gibberish i saved before basically understanding the thing. Edited the SD card with what i wanted,loaded it back to the DATA.USR on SD. Installed back into gps. Went into Menu X2- Transfer My Data- Load. And BINGO..nice clean hunting spots all onscreen.
  22. The only files that ExpertGPS cares about are the User Data Files (.usr), which hold the waypoints, routes, and tracks from your GPS. Once you've modified the data in ExpertGPS, click Send to GPS, save a .usr file to the SD card (new.usr, for example), and then put the card in your iFinder's battery compartment SD card slot. Turn on the GPS, use Load User Data, select new.usr, and the updated waypoints, routes, and tracks should appear on your GPS.
  23. You are the man 👍. Now however, after making modifications on the pc, only a few seem to show when loaded to gps. Also how many files should I have on the SD card? Currently there are four. 1.voice notes 2. CPIACE.USR 3.DATA.USR 4.south central,east_.lcm
  24. Yahoo! Thank you.
  25. Just start typing "equestrian-friendly underpass" into the Type selector at the top of the Edit Waypoint or Edit Track dialog. You can select an existing type from the drop-down list, type in the name you want for a new type, or select a type you no longer want and click the Delete button.
  26. Okay, I'm using ExpertGPS 5.78. And I must be a little dense because I can't figure out how to add a new "type" for waypoints. Or tracks, for that matter, although I know I did it in the past. I would like to designate a series of equestrian-friendly underpasses as a "type" but am being thwarted by my inability to find the right buttons.... Suggestions?
  27. There's a menu command on your iFinder to Save the data on your GPS to a user data file. You probably did that 5 years ago, which is why the SD card only has the old data. Do it again now, and then click Receive from GPS in ExpertGPS to read the latest data from the .usr file.
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