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  1. Sorry, this GPS is no longer supported.
  2. Or right-click, click Remove Track Gaps to see the hidden points at the beginning.
  3. support ?

    I purposely changed the forum settings a while back to require moderator approval for almost all new posts and replies. This is partly an ongoing effort to weed out spam, but it's also because many of the messages recently have been about account or support issues that only I'm going to be able to address. I try to address those posts by contacting the user directly, and keep that stuff off of the discussion forum. The best way to get support for a specific issue is to contact me directly through the error reporting features in ExpertGPS.
  4. I don't fully understand your question. There is currently no way to make the GPS waypoint symbols in ExpertGPS larger, but you can use your own map markers instead of the GPS symbols on the map. https://www.expertgps.com/tutorials/creating-custom-map-symbols-and-markers-with-expertgps.asp
  5. Right-click the geocaches in ExpertGPS, click Convert to Waypoints. You can then select the waypoints in the Waypoint List, and press F2 when the Proximity column has the focus in the list to enter a proximity value for all of the selected waypoints.
  6. The URL generator has a section called Develop with this Style, and options for MapBox and Leaflet. You want the Leaflet URL.
  7. Jim, you can now use your own preferred map providers in ExpertGPS. If you REALLY want to customize the display of your map, you can get your own account with MapBox.com and change any aspect of the cartography you desire. https://www.expertgps.com/help/custom-map-servers.asp I'll be rolling out a new look for the default street and topo maps in ExpertGPS later this spring.
  8. Yes, the first time you view a new area, ExpertGPS uses your Internet connection to download map tiles, which it saves on your hard drive. If you take your laptop out into the field, turn off Enable Internet Map Retrieval, and ExpertGPS will be able to display maps or aerial photos for any location you've already viewed in the program.
  9. Take both images into Adobe Photoshop or another image editing program, and composite them there. You can then import the combined image back into ExpertGPS as a scanned map.
  10. Save a kml file to your desktop, hold shift and right-click it. Select Open with... and choose Google Earth. If it's not listed as an option, reinstall Google Earth at http://earth.google.com/
  11. No, waypoints, routes, and tracks are stored in .usr files, not LCM.
  12. It sounds like the file only contains waypoints. You could confirm by copying the .usr file directly to your HDS, to see if any tracks appear on the GPS. Post the .usr as an attachment here if you need another opinion.
  13. EasyGPS and ExpertGPS no longer support serial-based GPS receivers. However, you can use this version of ExpertGPS to transfer data to and from your GPS. http://www.expertgps.com/SetupExpertGPS-560.exe
  14. I'm working on increasing the variety of date/time formats that ExpertGPS can recognize and parse when importing CSV data. If you have GPS data logger files, or timestamped data from another program, I'm looking for sample data files to test with. You can post CSV files here or email them to me at support @@ expertgps dot com.
  15. What's the exact GPS model you own, and what's the exact model you selected in both versions of EasyGPS?