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  1. Hello gps gurus New to this and im trying to see if the expert version will do what i need through the trial version before purchasing. I have my SD card in but out of maybe 90-100 way points i have saved over the last few years, it only shows maybe the first 5-10 from several years back. the main ones im interested in are from a swamp/flooded timber area i waterfowl hunt and only two of approximately 60 shows on the pc.Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks, Yeah playing with it i figured it out. I deleted the CPIACE.USR file as it seemed to hold a duplicate of some way points and tracks. Then I fired up the unit without the SD card in it, deleted all the tracks and way points and other gibberish i saved before basically understanding the thing. Edited the SD card with what i wanted,loaded it back to the DATA.USR on SD. Installed back into gps. Went into Menu X2- Transfer My Data- Load. And BINGO..nice clean hunting spots all onscreen.
  3. You are the man ?. Now however, after making modifications on the pc, only a few seem to show when loaded to gps. Also how many files should I have on the SD card? Currently there are four. 1.voice notes 2. CPIACE.USR 3.DATA.USR 4.south central,east_.lcm