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  1. I am interested in obtaining GPS software that will allow me to automatically download, on a continuous basis, GPS coordinates to my laptop in a format that I can use with an Excel macro. I currently have a Garmin nuvi1490T that I would like to use as the source for GPS data. The Excel macro routines will need to grab current GPS coordinates and enter them into a spreadsheet along with other information. This routine will be used on a personal, non-business environment with the laptop installed in my SUV and used while driving through the deserts of northern Nevada. There will be no access to cell or internet services while in the remoter areas. It would be nice to have a live map display showing current location and tracks. I expect, if this is possible, I would have to purchase the ExertGPS Home software. Any input or validation that either ExpertGPS or EasyGPS could fill this need would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  2. Thanks Dan. Will have to think about this a bit. I need some way of automatically grabbing current location info from my GPS and getting that data into a spreadsheet on a dynamic on-demand basis. The timing of these inputs are random and dependent on when I reach a point on a road or trail and hit a key on my laptop indicating an event has occurred and to record the location and time information. This is probably something outside of your design purposes for this software. Something like an API portal to grab location info is what I really am looking for. I may have to develop my own software to do that. Having a moving map on the laptop is also desirable but not mandatory for my purposes. Sorry for taking up your time.