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  1. Just extract data from a Furuno GP32 and some of the data is too much unrealistic even considering some basic element that could affect GPS location. 374‚Äč boat GPS Data.gpx (50.89 KB) Lat: -4.612533, Lon: 56.471583 28-JAN 11:51 AM None FURUNO - GP32 FURUNO - GP32 (02/19/2015 07:37:56z) 375 boat GPS Data.gpx (50.89 KB) Lat: -5.704767, Lon: 72.536367 28-JAN 12:02 PM None FURUNO - GP32 FURUNO - GP32 (02/19/2015 07:37:56z) The to point does not make sense when comparing the time taken in reference to distance of both point, Note these are local time and the first point is in +4 time Zone and second is in =5Time zone wich mean the GPS 1st reading was at 0751 UTC and Last was at 0702 UTC. Any one can advice how could this be why is the to point that far apart. Please really need help as it one of my case police working on