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  1. Hi all,\I have an old handheld device Lowrance GlobalNav 212 but I cannot connect it to EasyGps through com1 port as the only option it gives me no matter what model I choose is "memory card". I know the device is old, but I have sucessfully conected an older one (garmin gpsmap 210) through com1 and I exchange data with no problem choosing device GPSMAP 76C. Any help would be much appreciated Thank you Petros
  2. How to convert garmin waypoints to lowrance waypoints and then download them to lowrance using easygps program?
  3. I am investigating GPS software that will allow me to view high resolution aerial photographs of coastal areas (fishing) and construct tracks/paths on those images which can then be exported (both the image and the tracks) to my Lowrance HDS7 GPS unit. Can that be done with ExpertGPS? I have the marine map files from Lowrance but find that I can much more accurately view small channels in shallow water areas on high resolution photos than on the GPS itself. I want to be able plan paths and be able to navigate that path on the GPS with the image as the background and am hoping that ExpertGPS will facilitate that.
  4. Morning all I am new the ExpertGPS and have a couple of "newbie" questions I was hoping to find some help for: I am using the program for a fairly simple application- transferring and managing a large amount of waypoints (4000+) from a excel (.csv) document onto my Lowrance HDS-8. I am currently away at work so cannot physically try these at the moment, but believe I have worked out most of the process but have a couple of questions I was hoping to get some clarification from: 1) When I export the completed .usr file to an SD card for use in the HDS-8, will this new data override the existing manually marked/ inputted waypoints already on the SD? Or is there a process/ way to merge the new waypoints with the existing ones? (Id hate to do this and lose all of the information that is already on there). I guess I can save all the new waypoints to a separate new SD card, but this wouldn't be ideal as I want to use the old and new waypoints from the same area at the same time 2) Is there anything else I need to do once I have gotten to the point where I have created a .usr file from the .csv and saved this to the SD card I will be using? I think I have the process sorted out, but again, without the unit to trial on, I just want to make sure I am doing everything correctly before I attempt it an potentially corrupt/ override/ erase the existing waypoints I have on the unit. 3) Symbols: How do I select/ use different symbols/ markers on the HDS8 on the .csv upload file I have created? I have added a "symbol" column to the file and used an "x" (which shows up on ExpertGPS as a blue cross), but: - will this blue cross on ExpertGPS show the same in the HDS-8 unit once I have converted to a .usr and transferred this to the HDS8? - what to I type/ use to get other symbols to show in the HDS-8? As I would like to differentiate between the different types of waypoints I have thank a lot for any help/ advice people can give. Anthony
  5. Hi all The situation is that I am trying to move all my waypoints from a Garmin 172C to a Lowrance HDS7 Garmins Datum was WGS84 and it stored the co-ordinates in the following format (for Example West Peel S 27.29.880 E 153.18.725). I manually took down all my waypoints and have entered them into Easy GPS In Easy GPS when I entered the GPs I was transferring to (HDS7) it gave me a format that changes the above co-ordinates to S 27.2988 E 153.18725, which when I upload the data, puts my waypoint in the wrong spot. After playing around with it, I thought I found the right "mode", but it will only save in a GPX file format and when uploaded to the GPS, the waypoint names are missing..... I think I may be going mad!!!! I would really appreciate it if anyone can tell me where I am going wrong as I have run out of ideas. Regards Vic1 Brisbane Australia
  6. Hello, I wrote the company and asked this question several days ago. I have not received a reply. So I'm asking the question here. So, here's the skinny..I have several Lowrance iWay-500c wind-shield mount 4x3" (5") GPS receivers. I need to backup the detination database, currently I am not interested in anything else. Although the program does have some interesting features. Does 'ExpertGPS' perform destination data-base backup for the Lowrance iWay-500c? The website says that the program talks to the iWay500c via a smart-card, but thats a blooper, as the iWay500c does not have a smart-card port, inside or out. However, it does have a micro-USB port on the rear-panel, but when I access the internal (linux) directory, there is nothing there but music folders??? Does Lowrance hire cheerleaders for program mgmnt over there? Back to ExpertGPS... Clickin-clackin through the ExpertGPS program: Options > Main Preferences > My GPS > Add GPS (selected Lowrance iWay500c) and then Settings > GPS Settings DLB (drop-down-list-box), dialog box opens and says: "Select the port and speed for this receiver" program presents another DLB Titled: Connect via: "Memory Card" The program does not offer a USB port selection which is what the iWay500c actually has. So, how do I cause this program to talk to my GPS Rx? Thanks in advance gps engineer
  7. After sending waypoints from easygps to my gps they don't populate on my safari. I made sure that the format was hddd mm.mmm for both the .gpx file and on the safari units but not sure what datum (if it makes a difference) I should use. What else am I missing?