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  1. garmin

    Unable to download maps as my device is not on your list. Garmin nuvi 2597 LMT
  2. I am new to Expert GPS and I am trying to determine if this is software that will work for our business. Currently we use GPS model Garmin Nuvi 260W. We mainly use these currently to navigate our way between lease sites that we inspect. Most of this is not off-road we use highways. What I would like to do is put polygons from Google Earth on the map in the GPS so we can track exactly where we are on the GPS screen in comparision to the lease site. We would also like to be able to create routes to use on the Garmins. With that background I have a few questions. In the trial version I currently have when I try to "send to GPS" tracks and routes are greyed out. From what I have seen tracks are the polygons I created in Google Earth and routes are what we would use to get from lease site to lease site. What do I need to do to unlock these for download onto our Garmins? If the nuvi model we have does not work with Expert GPS what would be a better GPS unit to buy that would be compatible so we could accomplish the goals I stated?
  3. Hi Folks, EasyGPS version 4.29 TopoGrafix Edition Garmin nuvi 1300 lifetime maps. USB connection I'm probably missing the obvious but I'm not seeing any map at all in the map panel. If I click the "Receive" tool I do get my way points but they are displayed on a blank canvas. I've searched the forum and help file but I'm none the wiser. Thanks, PhilC