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  1. I am quite content to pay the annual fee for updating. QUESTION ??? .. I previously asked about 3 or 4 questions. The first one, regarding phantom lines was answered fairly quickly. The Second one, which was offered w/ uploaded files, simply drew no attention. After I directly inquired the final answer was '' I looked at them and have no answer. "" Fine. I am just unsure as to why that answer wasn't posted for myself, and others, to review and use as needed. One or two other questions never received any response. MY QUESTION ?? Am I missing the point and / or am I abusing the support herein ?? I try, as befits my skill level, to search all prior posts to see if there is an '' answer'' before I submit. Not long ago I 'added' a question to an answer given to another member concerning finding and closing gaps. Again, no answer. Please, Mr. Foster, other members, set me straight on the PROPER manner for seeking help and support. Many Thanks, Brian
  2. When will EasyGPS support etrex touch 25/35/35t?