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  1. Track created by a Garmin 60CSx does not center properly in the pix. I suspect there are some hidden data points in the left portion of the screen. But I can not select them for deletion.
  2. I have a Garmin Etrex 30. Something has changed between version 5.48 and 5.79 that's causing the track colors to appear red on the GPS map display, even though the track type is setup to display a different color. The GPX files that I created under version 5.48 display just fine, but if I re-save them under version 5.79, the problem pops up. I noticed the GPX/XML code for the track color assignments is vastly different between the two versions. Do I need to make some sort of an adjustment to the software settings?
  3. Is there a way to make a polygon out of a track and then fill it with a color? I know that the area of the polygon is available in the list.
  4. Hello all, I am testing the demo version and have a question. The Nuvi 2595 LMT does not handle tracks from the factory, only waypoints and routes. It appears that expert GPS can handle this issue and convert a track (where theres is no route, street or anything in the basemap) to some sort of format that the Nuvi 2595 can handle. But so far I could not get this done. I loaded a KML file into expertgps and sent it to my Garmin 2595, but it does not show up on my unit. Is there any way to load gpx or kml files into expert gpx and load them into nuvi 2595 as tracks or routes if the basemap in the unit does not show that track/path/line? Thanks, Cristián
  5. Hi, Once you select a part of a track, it becomes pink. I'd like to know how to do 2 things: - Get a summary of the part of the track that I selected (total distance, elevation gain...) - How do you de-select all ? It seems to me that once you've selected a part of a track there's no way not to have any pink in the map. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi all, Noticing that the total distance of the recorded gps track seemed a bit more than anticipated I compared the length to what other tools say. Indeed EasyGPS reports 11.77 km while others say 6.3 km. During the near-level hike my batteries ran out, after a little while I was able to restart the receiver once before being given fresh batteries by a friend. So naturally the track shows two straight sections where the unit was switched off. But it took an elevation graph to see that the height dropped to around zero, a difference of almost 1000 metres each time which accounts for most of the discrepancy. The remainder may be due to small spikes of bad or lost signal. Clearly the elevation at the start and end of the 'off' bits is not exactly zero, guess such are the dying and waking moments of a receiver. But flattening this and other tracks I see EasyGPS reports the exact 3D track length including small spikes of lost signal while many other tools only report the horizontal length. I appreciate the 3D distance in mountainous terrain and understand the difficulty of creating a filter to correct (clear) instances of lost signal but would appreciate a setting or additional output field for horizontal length so poor output due to loss of signal may be detected. I like EasyGPS very much for being lightweight and... easy I guess but may have to resort to another tool for checking track length when it matters.
  7. I've a Garmin Forerunner 305 used for walking and running. When I upload to EasyGPS/Expert GPS I see location and routes but don't see any track information. Can anyone confirm if this should be possible and how to go about it please? many thanks, Simonides!