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Troy Almeida

Remove existing ExpertGPS reg code

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Is it possible to remove an ExpertGPS reg code, thus deactivating the product on that particular computer?

Under the old reg code format, all you had to do was delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TopoGrafix\ExpertGPS\Key from the registry. That would bring the program back to Trial mode. If the Trial had since expired, it would just lock you out until you re-installed a valid reg code. I'm looking to do this same thing, but just under the new reg code format. [i am not trying to bypass the Trial in any way. I am trying to remove my reg code from an existing computer.]

The newest Google Earth builds now include a feature to deactivate GE Plus licenses. Even something like that would be handy, if it isn't possible to do manually like w/ the old code format.

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