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I am a real estate agent specializing in sales of vacant land. I have ExpertGPS, an old Garmin 76Csx and a Garmin 64st,  I want to be able to draw lot outlines from coordinate waypoints and to visualize the lot outlines in my Garmin when I walk the lots. I recently made a route in ExpertGPS, exported it to the Garmin then made a trip to the lot. I was very disappointed when I got to the lot to not see the route in my 64st.  I need a reliable way to export the lot outlines so I can see them when I actually get to the lot with my Garmin 64st. I would like to be able to walk the lot with my Garmin 64st and to be able to tell when I am on the lot.

I have been successful in doing this by sending .kml files so I can see them in Google Earth while I am walking properties. I want to do this in my Garmin.  


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Does the route (or track) you sent to your GPS show up on the routes or tracks list in the GPS? Many Garmin models require you to set a "Show on Map" checkmark next to each route or track, and there's no way to specify that from the computer.

Your other option is to send a Custom Map to your Garmin GPSMAP 64st from ExpertGPS with your lot outlines superimposed on an aerial photo or street or topo map. Click Send Map to GPS on the GPS menu in ExpertGPS to try that approach.

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