Small Bug - wrong symbol name exported for Lowrance HDS-7

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I love how EasyGPS can display the same symbols that my plotter uses.  I have a Lowrance HDS-7.  Unfortunately, the symbol for a rock pile gets exported from EasyGPS as "<sym>rock</sym>", and Lowrance [at least for HDS-7] calls this symbol "<sym>rocks</sym>", with the plural "s".

When Lowrance imports the EasyGPS-exported GPX, it doesn't understand "rock" and makes it the default blue circle.  It only understands "rocks".  I am attaching a sample GPX exported from my HDS-7 with a WPT with the correct "rocks" symbol.  Reimporting this GPX into the HDS-7 results in the correct symbol being displayed.

EasyGPS just needs to call this symbol "rocks" instead of "rock".

Any way to change the symbol name map in user settings somewhere?  Otherwise, maybe you can include this in a future update.  Thanks very much!


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I've made this change in the next release. Thanks.

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