Why does Expertgps process xxxxx auto.gpx files?

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Whenever I download from my Garmin eTrex 20, the bottom edge of the Expertgps window shows a series of file names of which this is one example:

2013-05-10 08.04.34 Auto.gpx

There are some 32 such files, all dated in 2013, in the folder

S:\Proj\Garmin\2DU183901\2013-07-12 (15.24.54)\Garmin\GPX\Archive

What's going on? Why does Expertgps keep processing (or at least enumerating) all these files from 2013? Let alone, why are they even there?

It appears I had something to do with putting that folder tree onto my S:\Proj tree, and I suspect 2DU183901 is the serial number of my eTrex. So?


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