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I don't really get exactly how Ex GPS works.  I looked in the App Data\Local\Topografix\Map Folder\...  I found the .png files for areas that I have viewed (?).  There were also the topos that I downloaded, in another folder...  


So, I haven't seen a concise explanation of how this all works.  If I view an area, at a specific resolution, does the program download and save all the .png's of what has been on the screen?  If that is correct, and i turn off the "Internet imagery retrieval" button, then I can see everything that i have viewed, if the .png's were saved because i viewed them?  For either topo or picture imagery?


If that is the way this works...  I'll order tonight!  Amazing...

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Yes, the first time you view a new area, ExpertGPS uses your Internet connection to download map tiles, which it saves on your hard drive. If you take your laptop out into the field, turn off Enable Internet Map Retrieval, and ExpertGPS will be able to display maps or aerial photos for any location you've already viewed in the program.

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