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I am a newbie and somewhat computer challenged. I am a Mac guy and bought an HP PC with windows 10 just to run ExpertGPS. On my Google Earth I have many roads and paths and points of interest. On my 650 I have hundred of waypoints of waypoints and would like to show some roads and paths and I know it can only hold so much. While hunting I like to have a printed map with everything on it: roads, paths, waypoints and points of interest. For some reason I find it a lot easier to draw paths on GE than on Exgps.. When putting a path or road on my 650 does every one of those little dots count as a waypoint against the total waypoints allowed on the 650? 

So what is my best strategy?..... Is it better to replace the paths and roads with straight line routes so there are fewer little dots but making them jagged looking? Is it better to do this on GE and then transfer? Is it better to go directly from GE to the 650 for some items? I mainly want to gets recommendations, detailed instructions how to do them and avoid pitfalls. I have searched the forum and tutorials and maybe have missed something.  Thanks

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My favorite technique is to zoom in on the area where I'll be hiking or hunting, and click Extract Features from OpenStreetMap on the Map menu, under Map Overlays and Layers. This will create shapes for all of the roads and trails and boundaries in the area. You can then choose which of these shapes you want to send to your GPS as tracklogs.

You can use Simplify to reduce the number of points in a tracklog before sending to your GPS.

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