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  1. go to the above discussion in the forum It explains the new way to bring scanned maps into the program and calibrate them. If you have problems start a new thread , help with scanned map. I have not used the new process
  2. Not sure how much work it would be but if you start marking out the old drainage using the track tool and waypoint tools to create a specific types you can then create a File "old Drainage" this would allow you to the make an overlay that you could use and modify as needed.
  3. Wasatch I am curious as to why you would want to overlay an older scanned map over an online version. I use a lot of old scanned maps to find forgotten paths, logging roads, buildings etc. When working on these types of things I bring up the two maps using the [Window Tile horizontal - Tile vertical] option. I then mark up the old map and then copy the waypoints tracks etc over to the other map.
  4. i just did both upgrades and updates. NO problems here either
  5. Mike have you tried downloading Basecamp by Garmin. It is free and has replaced mapsource the old program for installing maps on the computer and transferring to GPS. It may allow you to load the older CD's if you still have the unlock codes available. I use basecamp for my 60CSX but my maps may be newer then what you have
  6. Problem Solved. After a good nights sleep and readdressing the problem I was able to calibrate by tweaking the min from the server.
  7. I have downloaded the image I want http://mapserver.maine.gov/download/medem2/medem2_hill/MEDEM2X560Y4905.tif from Maine Office of GIS http://mapserver.maine.gov/basemap/index.html Catalog 2m DEM and derived products Hillshade with Index it is a section of Mount Desert Island Maine. When using the viewer and zooming into the index wanted it shows Ground Coordinates XY, Lat Lon and USGN. I have tried using the Lat/Lon from the corners of the index frame as shown on the viewer with not much sucess. Its very close for portions of the map and the goes off. I have been using equirectangular projection with NAD 83. Any help suggestions would be appreciated. Using the viewer
  8. I have been using Expert on my mac for years now. I have a 2009 mac and run Parallels Desktop. I have not had any problems and updates work fine.
  9. Thank You
  10. I got a new computer with windows 8.1 and did a fresh install of latest version of Expert. I have moved all my files over including the Scanned map Library. The scanned maps are all there but when I open the Scanned map library in the new version the maps do not show. Seems I need to added them back in and recalibrate. Is there any way to bring the previous calibrated maps over to the new install with the calibrations.
  11. Hi Dan Pete is my brother and I am having same problem with the area we are working. Im using version 5.19 where there is still ability to download old topo. they seem to work ok. When I try regular topo I can get some surrounding areas to download. Seems as if server is missing East Stroudsburg,PA and Mt Pocono, pa. I am attaching a screen shot of the area where is shows white background and no topo. I am also attaching gpx file of the area. Next time I open I will grab error log. Untitled.tiff echo.gpx
  12. thank you
  13. If I create a route using the route tool and not adding way points, how do I change the preface to the way points.. right now they all contain RPT, I beleive years ago you could change it but I have forgoten how
  14. I know I can go to the tracklist . Find the highlighted (pinked out Points) select them and the copy and paste to new file. I know I can break and split tracks and copy sections but takes a lot of time. Is there a way to copy the selected trackpoints without going to track list. Something similar to selecting multiple waypoints
  15. Thank you both. Tim it was the concat command i could not remember