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  1. Here is a Custom Map of your area if it helps any. Actual image was blurry but I tried to clear it up a little. 12 MB file is large. Scout Camp.kmz
  2. Carl, it appears that the LABEL field is sorted "alphabetically", not numerically. If your labels were 001, 002, ..., 250, I think they would sort fine. One easy way to do this, in Excel, is to select the LABEL column, select FORMAT CELLS, select the NUMBERS tab, scroll down to CUSTOM, and in TYPE field enter "000" (3 zeros). That will force all numbers to have 3 digits and will convert 1 to 001, 23 to 023, and so on. I tried it and it copied to ExpertGPS properly and sorted properly even after being saved in a new file.
  3. 5.83 works great. Tried your new Scanned Map calibration process and I like it. Works great and seems simpler and quicker. Thanks, Tom
  4. Thank you very much Dan. I thought I understood the coordinate formats but I don't understand "projection". I will use your new defaults. Tom
  5. Re-installed 5.81 and my Scanned Maps are aligned properly.
  6. I just started using 5.82. I looked at 5 previously calibrated scanned maps and they are all calibrated wrong now. They are in the same neighborhood but waypoints, shapes and tracks are no longer aligned to the map. I have 30 calibrated scanned maps. Will I have to re-calibrate them all? (Was UTM NAD83) I have not figured out the new calibration procedure but will try it tonight. Tom
  7. Tim - you're a smart guy. Solved my problem. Thank you very much, Tom
  8. I have been trying to import GIS data posted on the Maine State GIS website. I have selected UPM US(ft) NAD83 as noted on the State web site. Some State files import perfectly and align with topo data. Some showing Wildlife Management Districts and Parcels of Land import into ExpertGPS with the overall appearance that looks right (shape of data looks like the state of Maine). However, the shapes appear in EGPS north of Central America or north of South America and the overall size is much smaller than the state of Maine. The files are downloaded as a zipped file. I am merely opening the zipped folder and copying the contents into another folder. I use the "Import Shapefile" functions. I downloaded one KMZ file and it appears in Google Earth perfectly and imported into EGPS fine. Unfortunately some data does not have a KMZ format. Does anyone have an idea of what I might be doing wrong or optional ways to import?? Thanks, Tom
  9. Dan, Thanks for your prompt reply. I am working with partial copies of rural tax maps with no North arrows. I will rotate my maps to nearly north up and try again. ExpertGPS is, by far, the best mapping software. Easiest to use, powerful, and designed for us users. Thanks again Dan. The reason I thought that the maps needed to be NORTH UP is that I went to ExpertGPS Help and read the following: Your map must meet the following requirements: The map must be in JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or BMP format. The map must be oriented so that North is up. If the North arrow is more than 45 degrees from vertical, you will need to rotate the map before proceeding. You need to know the projection used to create the map. This information is usually printed at the bottom or in the margin of the map.
  10. Up until now, all my scanned maps were already oriented with True North upward. I actually did not know that scanned maps HAD to be oriented that way. I recently added and calibrated some scanned maps that were not oriented True North up. There is no orientation arrow on my scanned maps. I was surprised to see that, when viewing these scanned maps, my whole ExpertGPS display was now oriented with True North pointing to the northeast. Some scanned maps make existing GPS tracks distorted (rectangular plots are now trapezoids). Quite surprised that the scanned maps affect tracks and north orientations. I always thought calibration errors would only distort the scanned map. I know I can delete these scanned maps, rotate them True North up by trial and error, and re-calibrate them. However, is there a simple trick to correct the orientation on EGPS without that work? Thanks, Tom
  11. Thanks. Do they take Mastercard?
  12. I noticed on Google Earth that half the state of Maine has aerial images dated in April 2016. ExpertGPS still uses tiles from 2013. Will ExpertGPS be showing these newer maps soon? Thanks, Tom
  13. When I converted my Solid line type to Road line type I had to reset color and width on most of them. I just changed them back to solid and every color and line width was retained. So much easier. If that was a deliberate improvement - THANKS. Tom
  14. I checked with Garmin. They said that TRACKS sent to the nuvi 2699 will not display. They suggested that I convert my track to a ROUTE. The track can have no more than 30 trackpoints for newer nuvi's and up to 200 trackpoints for older nuvi's. After downloading the ROUTE, then it will be visible. However, a 30 point ROUTE that probably only becomes visible when activated, is not a useful solution. What I really need is a 7 inch Montana with a faster processor.