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  1. That worked ! Thank You ! Thanks for the explanation and the workaround. EGPS ....Absolutely the Best software ever!
  2. Dan, I have a file with 250+ Ditchs with names, GPS coordinates, etc. I needed to re-sort them in the order that they are checked by a Water Commissioner so I exported the file as a CSV file . In the spreadsheet I Re numbered them in the desired/correct order in the label column and sorted on that column. Then re imported that file into EGPS, Data shows up correctly sorted just as I wanted. However, when I save the file under a new name and reopen it, it is no longer sorted correctly What could I be missing? Attached is the csv file sorted in the correct order. Ditches 2017.csv
  3. Jim, I have had that happen and what I did was this, Right click on the track, then click on trackpoint list, and look at the coordinates column. Probably at one end of the list (either end) you'll find one or a few points with drastically different coordinates that will stand out as the one(s) to delete. Then everything will center fine when you select it.
  4. Treecounting......Apparently, the NUVI or "something" changed that selection to "zilch" because I opened it up and chgd it to the big greennavaid dot . All became visible. I tried changing it back to "zilch" but couldn't.Must be something about the EGPS / Nuvi communications. Then I wrote the forum answer and went back to a file of a hike I did this am........all my waypoints were "big green navaid dots" !! Changed my waypoint "type" symbol back to my default and all is well.
  5. @ treecounting, just another user here.....I'm with Dan in not fully understanding your question, but I played with your file a little bit and maybe this will help. Open the file you previously attached. Switch to the waypoint "List view", Now select one of the waypoints in that list, right click and choose Edit waypoint, and in the window that comes up, look and see what you have selected as the "Waypoint Symbol" in the Display on GPS section. (about mid way down) When I opened your file, there was nothing selected.Since nothing was selected , that (nothing) was what was displayed up on the map Note: Whatever symbol you select , for whatever "TYPE"....will be the symbol displayed for the type in any gpx file you open. Suggestion....set up several new custom "types" named for the symbol , color and size. That selection is what will also be displayed on the map because of the selection just above (in the edit waypoint window) where "Map Marker" choice is "GPS Symbol" (in the Display on Map section). Whenever you click on the pull down arrow in the GPS Symbol , you should see the full compliment of symbols available for whatever model GPS you have identified. Hope this helps.
  6. I now have loaded both of the above files files into GE for the third time and now they BOTH display the Heart Rate data as they should . SO.......without knowing what or how, ....I must have screwed up previously. Sorry for any confusion.. Later.....No, I was correct the first time, I just sent two files to you at Support for comparison.
  7. Further info.... Dan, That file (above) from EGPS , opened in Google Earth does NOT show HR Data, take that same file and open it in Garmin BaseCamp, then save it as GPX format from BaseCamp, open it in GE and the HR Data is displayed. Diff in GPX format between EGPS and BC? Attached file below is exact same file as above except saved from BC 650DL 12-11-16 BC.gpx
  8. Seems like I asked this one time before, but can't find when or if there was an answer..... Looking at a GPX file of a track with Heart Rate data associated with it, is there a way to see the elevation profile with the HR data also plotted Possibly as an overlay vs elevation and distance? Thanks, Serpents 12_11_16.gpx
  9. If I try to get any info on building a grid in EGPS, here's a sample of what I get.......??? (a whole page of it) ℼ佄呃偙⁅瑨汭倠䉕䥌⁃ⴢ⼯㍗⽃䐯䑔堠呈䱍ㄠ〮吠慲獮瑩潩慮⽬䔯≎∠瑨灴⼺眯睷眮⸳牯⽧剔砯瑨汭⼱呄⽄桸浴ㅬ琭慲獮瑩潩慮⹬瑤≤ാ㰊瑨汭砠汭獮∽瑨灴⼺眯睷眮⸳
  10. FWIW I discovered that maps for my 76CSx were locked when they had prevously been unlocked. Garmin had "lost" the registration / unlock codes somehow while they were migrating data from one of their programs to another. I called and gave them my data (unit s/n,etc) and the CS rep got it straightened out. It was their goof up and only they can straighten it out. Calling works better than e-mail, but if you are not in USA I understand. See if you can find a Chat line in "Support" for one of their programs. Don't give up, they can fix it. Good luck.
  11. Warren, For long descriptions on Garmin units you might also investigate loading that series of waypoints ( some with long descriptions and others in the family with regular ) as POIs (points of interest) using Garmins POI Loader. POIs have a completely different set of properties, storage location, etc but may be just what you need for your data.
  12. I didn't even think about getting to it from the "where To" direction instead of the "Waypoint Mgr" direction.....(a Duh moment on my part) At least we now both know that a user can actually get a long comment into the unit but, once it's there, any attempts to change it in the unit itself result in the unit automatically truncating the length back to the "input" limit. . Interesting discovery......but still no answer to why it's that way.
  13. More of the story.... I actually created a new list in BaseCamp, then a new single waypoint in that list and pasted the long note into the note field. Then exported that list as a gpx file and opened it with EGPS. The whole note is displayed in EGPS. (just expand the comments column to read it) Then I sent it to my 650 with EGPS.and here's what showed up on the unit in the Notes field. "Total sites: 12, RV sites: 12, Elec sites: 0, Central Water, No RV Dump, No " That's 26 characters/spaces on first line, 26 characters/spaces on the second line, then 22 on the third line. It doesn't split words so that's probably why less than 26 on #3. Does your unit show more than 3 lines of text when looking at a waypoint with Waypoint Manager on the unit? In trying to read more on the unit , it suddenly truncated the note back to "Total sites: 12, RV sites: 12, Elec sites: 0, Cen " How did you determine that the whole note was actually in the unit? Could you actually read all of it on the unit? May be a difference between old 650 vs new 610. Mine originally displayed more than the 50 limit but then truncated it back to actually a few characters less than the limit.. I also would hate to type super long notes on the unit. Seems like it's a hard internal limit ,at least on my unit.
  14. Warren, That's good sleuth work ! I have an older model Montana 650 and will see if the longer note will actually show up on that device when sent from Basecamp. Kinda wierd that the length limit within the device is different when entered ON the device vs when sent TO the device by other software. To be continued,,,,,,
  15. Dan,Tim, I would suggest that the problem may be related to the specific map provider that this user has.. Cal Topo maps for that area zoom in fine but that's not the map provider shown in the lower right.. Tim, You were probably looking maps provided by CalTopo weren't you ?