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  1. Dan's method worked fine.
  2. Track created by a Garmin 60CSx does not center properly in the pix. I suspect there are some hidden data points in the left portion of the screen. But I can not select them for deletion.
  3. Some how GE was uninstalled. Reinstalled, now fine.
  4. While viewing a map, Pressing F7 gives me this...
  5. Click on MAP, then at the bottom of the drop down menu, MAPS & OVERLAYS etc.
  6. When I try to send a single waypoint to my GPS it locks up. Tried a waypoint from another map, same result. Had to use Task Manager to end program. Win10 - 60CSx - XGPS 5.81 Evidently there is a connection problem, XGPS to GPS. Reconnected the GPS and all appears well.
  7. If I load a GPX 1.0 file, make changes ans save it, will it save as GPX 1.0 or GPX 1.1?
  8. The remove gaps solved the issue. It was not necessary to save as GPS 1.0. Thanks, Dan
  9. Thanks, I'll give that a shot.
  10. How do I get the track to import as one rack as it is shown in XGPS. The track is broken, after the import, at places that were joined during the creation of the track in XGPS. So I'm thinking I did something wrong or there is an issue in XGPS. The original XGPS file, 0116.jpg After importing to DeLorme It is displayed as 3/4 different tracks. I changed the colors for emphasis. 0115.jpg Evidently the yellow section is both sections 2 & 3 overlaid Insert other media
  11. I'll just copy the tracks from the master to the new file.
  12. It would be nice to have this feature back or as an option. I keep a file on each trip/hunt. Without it I have to name all the saved tracks again. If not can I revert to previous version?
  13. The label on map field in the edit dialog is blank. It was not blank when it was uploaded to the GPS. All 20 or so tracks had labels when uploaded to GPS Now all are blank after GPS to XGPS transfer.
  14. Just upgraded to 5.80 on Win-10 (anniversary edition). When I loaded data from my GPS, the track labels were missing from all tracks. It's not a big deal since the GPS labels are the same as map labels. Has anyone else had this problem?
  15. Another method with GIS, if it doesn't have many corners, is to get the lat./lon. of the corners and insert them onto your XGPS map as waypoints. Then just connect the dots. Best if you zoom in tight.