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  1. While not a normal gps to use with ExpertGPS, I now have a Garmin Vivoactive HR, which does show up in the device list for the program. When I downloaded all of the data from the watch, it did get all of my tracks from the Activity folder. However, in poking around, I discovered a file located at: Garmin\Locations\LCTNS.FIT This is the file that holds the 10 waypoints that the watch can hold natively (without apps). It would be nice, if ExpertGPS also downloaded this file, in addition to the activities. I did also notice a folder called \Garmin\newfiles I tried to copy a GPX, to see if it would load waypoints into the LCTNS.FIT file, but nothing happened. I can't find a way to create a fit file to see if that will work. Is that something that ExpertGPS can do? thanks
  2. Expert GPS doesn't support all of the new waypoint icons in the Garmin Oregon 6XX series. Is there any chance you can integrate them into ExpertGPS, as you have for their older models? thanks
  3. It would be great if we could block out a large area in Expert GPS, and then have the program cut it up, and create a Garmin custom map KMZ file. This would put the topo maps or air photos on the actual GPS. thanks jjb
  4. ExpertGPS will do what you want. Try the 30 day demo and see. With the GIS option pack, it will export out an ESRI Shapefile, which I know will go into AutoCAD. I'd just get one of the newer Garmin GPS's. The Etrex Vista HCx, the GPSMap 60 CSx, or the new Colorado will all work just fine. Both will record a large track, and you can specify how often to sample. jjb
  5. Any chance of getting Garmin Colorado support sometime soon? jjb
  6. In expertgps, you can find the elevation by looking at the contour lines on a topo map. If you want a nearby benchmark, create a waypoint, and the right click on the waypoint and select view online. An option will open in internet explorer to find nearby benchmarks. Or you can browse to that location in Google earth, and put your mouse cursor on it. THe elevation will be displayed on the bottom of the screen. jjb
  7. Garmin's have a limit to the max # of trackpoints that you can upload to them. Try simplifying your track, until you have less than 500 trackpoints, and then try sending them again. jjb
  8. Any idea how soon? thanks jjb
  9. If its not possible, can you add the different "Custom Icon #" names to the list of available icons for the HCx, in the waypoint type editor? would that do the trick? thanks jjb
  10. I'm thinking of getting a Vista HCx. When sending waypoints to the gps, using expertgps, is it possible to have the waypoints show up in the unit, with custom icons, that were sent there using xImage? If so, how is this done? Looking at all of the waypoint type options, I see no way to do it. I see custom icons for the ExpertGPS map, but not for the gps unit itself. thanks jjb
  11. When you rightclick a waypoint, and then select veiw online, it would be very nice if one of the streetmap options was google maps. It should be extremely easy to add. I think google maps adds a lot of functionality over mapquest, and for international users of expertgps, it puts thier point on a map, that might have some high res air photos too. jjb
  12. I voted yes too. I'm a geologist for a very small oil company. I work with maps all day, every day. ExpertGPS is a great little tool, for work and play. jjb
  13. ExpertGPS will not put maps into your GPS. It will upload and download info from/to your GPS, and plot it on a map on your PC. For maps of Brazil for ExpertGPS, do some google searches on maps in a GeoTIFF format. For Maps to put in your magellan, you should check with Magellan first. I do not know if they have them for Brazil, but there might be some 3rd party vendors that make maps of Brazil for Magellan GPS's. Again, you will have to do some searches. jjb
  14. That should work, I do large format prints all the time, up to 42" x 60". I think the problem is with your printer or driver. jjb
  15. I actually like this idea too. Cirlces, Eliipses, Squares & Rectangles would be nice. jjb