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  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation - that makes good sense. I don't use Easygps any more so I'd not looked at this site for over a year. The only reason I raised the query as it was not a usability problem was that I thought it may be an issue for others and was just curious as to why it did what it does. Mystery solved so thanks again for taking the time to look at it and give me an answer.
  2. I'd not realised I'd got a reply to this as I assumed I'd get an email notification of a reply so apologies for the extended delay in acknowledging. In answer to your questions: #1 I have no idea why EasyGPS was headed 'local' - today it just says 'EasyGPS' unless I open multiple files in which case each iteration shows 'EasyGPS - [geocaching(n).loc] where n = the iteration of the open application. #2 The name on the GPS column is not wrong it is simply the name I give the record that it displays on the GPS as I don't use the GC names at all prefering to use something that is meaningful to me. I just edit the waypoint name using the EasyGPS facility and re-save the record. To download the waypoints from Geocaching.com I either select by using the 'Loc waypoint file' button when I have opened the record for an individual cache or if I have a list of caches on the screen I tick the ones I want and press the 'Download waypoints' button. Either way the waypoint is downloaded by the browser (latest version of Firefox) to my desktopPC (Windows 7). I then go the the downloads tab and click on the downloaded file and EasyGPS automatically opens. After changing the waypoint names I connect my eTrex to a USB port and press 'Send' on EasyGPS. It makes no difference whether I edit the waypoint name or not as you will see from the attached samples. Nor does it make any difference if I download individual caches or groups. The first screen dump is a single cache selected using the 'Loc waypoint file' button. The second screen dump is a batch selected by using the 'Download waypoints' button. 'Difficulty' & 'Terrain' columns are corrupted as before. I then followed exactly the same process to download one of the same caches again but using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox. Same result. Out of interest, I then selected some old 'gpx' files on my PC and opened these with EasyGPS - see screen print 3 - all display correctly. In summary - if I open old .gpx files they show correctly but when opening .loc files 'Difficulty' & 'Terrain' display incorrectly in Easy GPS. As I have not changed the data in any way on some of the examples I have given which show incorrectly I'm not sure how this could be 'self inflicted'. I only raised the question as I assumed other people may be having the same problem although it's not an issue for me as I take no notice of 'Terrain' or 'Diffilculty' ratings anyway. As I tend to use an Android phone most of the time and only use my eTrex as back-up I can't say exactly when I first noticed what was happening but it would have been soemtime between March and June this year.
  3. When I download 'Loc waypoints' to EasyGPS on my desktop PC from Geocaching.com I assume that the 'Difficulty' and 'Terrain' columns should each show as being in the range 1 to 5.but they actually show as 11 digit minus numbers with 10 digits before the decimal point. Also the column headed 'Container' always shows 'Not chosen'. Everything else looks fine and the waypoints and geocaches dowload to my GPS so I don't have a problem in that respect but wonder why the initial downloads to EasyGPS on my PC display some fields incorrectly. See attached.
  4. I I think the answer is probably yes as I get exactly the same when opening Geocaching.com LOC Waypoint files from Windows Explorer, and I find this very useful. It always seemed odd to me that it does this but I just consolidate by using 'Import waypoints'. I recently started using Google Chrome and that does not open an EasyGps Window, but simply opens a 'Save' window. I want Google Chrome to open a new EasyGps window each time I open a LOC file but don't know how to make it default to that.
  5. I've always used Internet Explorer to access Geocaching.com, and when I click on 'LOC Waypoint file' a new EasyGps window opens for that file. EasyGPS loads if not already loaded. I have now started using Google Chrome, and when I click on 'LOC Waypoint File' all I get is a new Window with the option to save the LOC file. EasyGPS does not load as it does when using IE8. Can anyone tell me how I get Chrome to to Open a new EasyGPS window rather than opening the 'Save' window? Thanks