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  1. Does anyone know if they Magellan Explorist 710 supports custom maps like the Garmin Dakota does? I have a Dakota but the screen on it sucks so bad in sunlight, I really want to get something different and the Montana is crazy expensive, but the Explorist 710 is dirt cheap and comes with topo and street maps without having to buy anything extra. Thanks, Brad
  2. Hi, I've spent quite a bit of time working with this program the last two days and discovered something that helps a lot. If I SIMPLIFY the tracks, the wrapping issues get much much better. Check out my latest map. Still far from perfect but way better. Some issues I'd like to see fixed: 1. Would like to be able to manually adjust text (size, angle, wrapping) 2. Some text gets cut off and if it's too long for the track it's on. I know I could create another type with a lower importance, but I'd much rather be able to play with it after the fact. 3. Text on one track seems to be underneath other tracks. Would prefer the text layer to be on top of all tracks. Thanks, Brad
  3. A friend of mine said I could download Massachusetts GIS Maps from: He said I can download various layers and he showed me an example of what a trail map starting from this information might look like which I've attached. I don't like his choice of line styles and colors, but I do like the underlying map. Can I do this in Expert GPS? Or do I need to upgrade to Expert GPS Pro? Do you have any tutorials showing how to do this? Does Expert GPS Pro have a better tool for putting labels on maps? Can Expert GPS do a nice legend like shown below? If not, can Expert GPS Pro? Thanks! Brad
  4. Hi, I asked this once before, but wasn't happy with the answer and kind of gave up, but I'm getting back into wanting to make maps again and need to find out if there's a solution to this. I want to map a bunch of very twisty singletrack mountain bike trails and can't get labels to come out very good in Expert GPS. Because the Track Labels attempt to follow the track, they wrap around and get all jumbled up - see second picture. I was told to instead create a note, which I tried, but if you look at the first picture (Bekrshire Ranger Trail is a note) - there are a couple issues: 1. I can't rotate the note to follow the trail - is there a way to do that? 2. If it can't follow the trail - can I somehow put a carriage return in there so I can keep it closer to the trail? 3. I can't figure out how to remove the white background and outside border of the note. Is that possible? Basically - I just need to know - Is there a way to get trail names put on these maps so they follow the trail but don't wrap all around? Thanks! Brad
  5. You know how you can place a label at a certain point along a track when making up your own maps... Is it possible to make the label NOT follow the track shape? And maybe be able to change it's angle? And maybe be able to drag it to a different location? Or is there another way to do that? The Note Tool seems to only horizontal text on the screen and it's always in a white box with an icon which I can't get rid of. If you could not have the icon and could not have the white box and could rotate the angle of the text, that would be what I'm looking for. Also - on the map, I'd love to be able to create a legend (box in the corner) with what the name of the different track types actually used on the map were. I usually make red lines = hiking, blue lines = atv trails.