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  1. OK, think I have the KML in WGS 84 now. Just looked at it in notepad and it looks good - had to change coordinate system in preferences. Now I know how it is reidiculously easy, but thanks for your help, that was great. Now got to parse the KML file to dump it into my SQL database, but now I have something to work with Thanks Ted
  2. Tim: Thanks a million - that did it, so Texas is now back in the US instead of Canada Now need to repoject to WGS84, then export to KML so I get coords as Geographic decimal degrees. Stumbling along! Ted
  3. Tim Nope Here's what I am doing in ExpertGPS: 1. File New (this brings up some areal stuff somewhere futher north - I guess it is a default) 2. Import data from other programs 3. Select shapefiles and the shapefile I sent you 4. I don't touch anything and the pop up form says the coordinate format selected is Texas NAD27 ft (I have no idea where it gets that from) 5. Further down it says the coordinate system is Texas NAD 1983 StatePlane FIPS 4205 ft - so I am already confused, it is giving me two different coordinate systems, neither of which I input - just seem to come as default 6. The map shows the north pole once I click OK, and then I am stuck as it won't let me do anything Ted
  4. Here are the original shapefiles. I seem to be getting nowhere with ExpertGPS, yet I know it can be done - so must be me having a mental block Ted DanielsDuvalParcelsShapeFiles.zip
  5. Re-projecting data from one coordinate system to another Parsing KML(xml) files to SQL or Spreadsheet format
  6. I am new to EXpertGPS. I have shape files in NAD 1983 State Plain Texas South FIPS Feet and need to re-project these data to WGS84 decimal degrees so I can get the KML files with the WGS 84 decimal degrees coordinate points. I can read the original NAD shapefiles which are displayed in ExpertGPS over a geographic grid for some reason that escapes me that puts them near the north pole, but cannot see how to get them into WGS84 and back in south Texas where they belong Any help appreciated Ted Daniels Duval_Co_Parcels.gpx
  7. Using ExpertGPS to read shapefiles, convert to KML and upload to Google maps The shp files shows as it should, but when converted to KML and uploaded to GoogleMaps I get 9 different maps each with a part of the information. How can I get it so all info is one one map? Ted Daniels