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  1. Hello, Been using ExpertGPS for around 10 years, maybe a little less, and don't want to stop. Use basic and GIS version along the way. I've been using a Magellan XL for the larger than most handheld screen. However, without glasses, ,my eyes can't focus on the objects on the screen any longer. And, I can't focus on the road/trail with glasses on because I still have great long range vision. It's heck getting "old" (I'm not old, just my eyes!, LOL). Anyway, time for a larger screen - somewhere around the 7-10" size and I'd like help identifying a unit that still functions superbly with ExpertGPS (maintained agreement for support and updating/upgrading) and also has good user functionality. Uses, needs & desirable attributes: 4x4, trail riding, marine function, outdoor, in-difficult weather, snow/ice/rain/sleet/high heat, and screen must be easily visible in extreme sunlight. Must have good POI navigation and collection, color screen, AA battery option, cable charging, cable up/downloading, datum functions (NAD83/27, UTM, State Plane, Geographic Lat/Lon preferably in DDD.DDDDD, DDD,MM.MMMMM, and, DDD,MM,SS.SSSS), SD or other expandable storage card/feature, back/night light, flashlight is nice but not required. I mount the unit on quads, snowmobiles, motorcycles and dirt bikes. I've been using velcro for mounting because it is easier, holds strong and is removable. That requires at least a decent flat rear surface area to ensure a good velcro hold. Any positive replies are welcome. Thank you, Wolfmaniac
  2. The following location is missing a 7.5 min USGS and Aerial Mapping coverage in ExpertGPS. Is this the place to mention that or where to I send the information so the database can be updated? 37d 42' 11.4" N 114d 27' 22.9" W Thank you.