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  1. I use a GPS12 that I have had since they were introduced. I have tried cheap USB units and they broke or the batteries failed. USB is a technique for connecting pieces of office equipment! The GPS 12 unit is supremely simple and reliable piece of equipment, I have just flown around France in an open-cockpit aircraft using a GPS12. It is waterproof, vibration proof, can be read in any light and uses cheap replaceable batteries. I use EasyGPS to transfer waypoints and routes and it has worked well for some years. I note that the latest version 5.79 does not list the GPS12 and that serial connection is to be phased out. But it still seems to work using the settings for a GPS60. Also note that the feature to upload routes to a numbered route on the GPS12 has been removed and the uploaded route now goes direct to the 'active' route. Dan, if you read this, this is a plea to retain support for serial connections even if the actual unit is no longer listed.
  2. Problem solved... I'd installed the 'wrong' version of Windows7. I installed the 'debug' version. Started again and installed the 'retail' version. Windows and Easy GPS work fine now. I blame my son who gave me the wrong disc. Sorry Dan.....
  3. Dan, Thanks for the repy. Hope you can let me know if you ever fix the problem. John.................
  4. Dan, Is it possible my PC is too old? Is a Pentium M 1.6GHz. Possible that an older version of EasyGPS would work? Could you make one available please? John....
  5. Uninstalled, deleted Registry entries. Re-installed. Still the same problem.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I get the problem even with the "Sample Hike" file that comes with the install. I've sent a screen print to the support email. Hope you can help...
  7. Please could someone help.. I've used EasyGPS succesfully for years. I've just upgraded my laptop from XP to Windows7. It seems to be OK. I've reinstalled the latest version of EasyGPS (4.96?) It seems to run OK but.......... When I load files (.GPX) that worked previously all the waypoints now show Lat N 00.000000 Lon E 000.00000. This despite the Lat & Lon are OK when I open the files using Notepad. I've set the co-ord format to Lat/Lon Degrees WGS84 Hope someone can spot what has gone wrong. Thanks....