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  1. Carl L. Hurst .... Thank You for your thoughts. I am going to work through as you suggest and see what transpires. I seem to remember I had a Garmin Nuvi attached at one point. There may be some additional issues with Symbols. I'll get back and report what I hope to find. Again, Thank You ....
  2. ... I was hoping to make my query simply a continuance of the concerns of Rick T ..... Sizing the Waypoint . ... Thank You
  3. Hello, Dan ... I try to stay off the site as a means of saving your time. PLEASE !! How about an ANSWER , more in depth, for the question posed by Rick T ?? I am having the SAME PROBLEM ( why 'fix' what wasn't broken ? ) with sizing Waypoints. I'm finding old information and now, now that I've come to the support site, note that you've done away with much of what I've become familiar with. I don't use a lot of text on my maps. It's nice that it's there if I do. What I do spend a LOT of time on is noting ' Waypoints ' I use ' cruise grids ' and when I get to the ' spot ', I mark that waypoint with another waypoint. As it is now, ?? All I can see is where my tracks come and go but it is almost impossible to see the actual grid and / or the point on the ground I marked . PLEASE !! some help in getting these waypoints sized ??? aaaaa broom.gpx
  4. I am quite content to pay the annual fee for updating. QUESTION ??? .. I previously asked about 3 or 4 questions. The first one, regarding phantom lines was answered fairly quickly. The Second one, which was offered w/ uploaded files, simply drew no attention. After I directly inquired the final answer was '' I looked at them and have no answer. "" Fine. I am just unsure as to why that answer wasn't posted for myself, and others, to review and use as needed. One or two other questions never received any response. MY QUESTION ?? Am I missing the point and / or am I abusing the support herein ?? I try, as befits my skill level, to search all prior posts to see if there is an '' answer'' before I submit. Not long ago I 'added' a question to an answer given to another member concerning finding and closing gaps. Again, no answer. Please, Mr. Foster, other members, set me straight on the PROPER manner for seeking help and support. Many Thanks, Brian
  5. I have had '' similar '' problems at different stages. Lately my questions don't seem to merit a response. ONE of the things that seemed to produce what I called '' phantom lines '' was the following : "" If you don't want this effect, click Options, Map Display Options, and set Drop Shadow to zero pixels """ That's all I've got . Good luck
  6. Thanks, Dan Preciate' you taking a look. The other prob I had months ago, phantom lines, your answer got that taken care of and, no repeats. This current one ? .... guess it will be a matter of playing around w/ different ways of putting it together. Perhaps it will be easier to solve if I start building these with layers ............... I was trying to get at the issue of '' GAPS " in lines or shapes ? If I have any tracklog, even a simple straight line, that does not 'close' ? .... is that considered a ' gap ' ? OR , is a ' gap ' usually only associated with a poly-line geometric shape that doesn't ' close ' at the exact point of beginning / origin , OR, is non-contiguous at any point(s) of the shape ? Thanks, Stay Well , Brian
  7. Hello, All , I did a look through on FAQ and Forum but didn't find exactly what I am looking for. I finally tacked my 'problem' at the end of a previously 'solved' , by Dan, question ...... hoping it might draw a response. I tried using the 'answer' to the previous question but got fuzzy on navigating the 'check for gaps' ..... that is, how to solve the 'gap problem', once it is detected. It can be seen here : I uploaded the problem files, maybe, or not, as help in describing the problem. Sent direct email to ''Support" but, no answer. I admit, I'm on here rarely, as I'm not skilled in GIS and, avoid it if possible. If I've violated some Forum etiquette, please, fill me in. If my question has been well answered previously and it is too elementary to be considered, please, fill me in. My 'Subscription ' Expire ?? ...... Any info, much appreciated. Best to All, Brian
  8. Dan, I have tried using your advice and, I'm not getting it right. I RT click and use 'close gaps' but, don't know , other than obvious gaps, what I'm looking for, or, how to remedy the problem. at this point I upload data and edit it to get what I think I need. I save the file as .GPX and, then, export it as .SHP file. Every time, now, when I open the .SHP I find there are many 'extra' lines. I have taken to re-editing within the .SHP file but, again, even with that effort, I am still finding errant lines. Must be a better way that I am missing. I have been trying to just edit , without using layers ..... Wondering if taking the time to put things on different layers is an answer ?? Any advice much appreciated. Brian EDWD 5 5 15 TRY.gpx EDWD 5 5 15 TRY.dbf EDWD 5 5 15 TRY.prj EDWD 5 5 15 TRY.shp EDWD 5 5 15 TRY.shx
  9. Many Thanks, Dan Foster Much appreciate the speedy reply. 'Problem' solved !!
  10. EDWDS PHANTOM LINES.gpxGreetings, I use ExpertGps to help me lay out land tract boundaries and then use the grid generator to place a square grid for tree sampling. As I go along I will use a Etrex Legend to pick up POI's and internal shapes (streams) to add to the 'map.' Anyway, I have to make changes in a lot of areas. My GPS GIS skills are rudimentary, at best. I am finding, especially in 'road map' view, there are what I term 'phantom lines' of a light gray color. I can not select them nor delete them. I notice when I use the '' Pan " function ... as soon as I click to move all of it, the lines disappear. As soon as I release, they reappear. As saidm, I'm crude in approaching all this. I import the .shp files I need and then paste, or draw, whatever else I need. I do everything on one layer as I have not ventured to learn the finer points of seperating it all. Perhaps this is the problem ?? If the attached map pulls up .... the blue lined 'streams' most obviously show the appended 'gray lines' which are the mystery ?EDWDS PHANTOM LINES.gpx Any help much appreciated, Best to All ,,,,,,, Brian
  11. I'm 'new' as to 'posting' and specifically to 'Grid Management.' Appreciate any tips as to how to cleanly set grids on a 3 x 3 chain for timber sampling. Most often the sampled area won't be a square or rectangle but will have some components. Bottom line, what is the best way to deal with 'odd' and 'variable' shapes ?? Thanks