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  1. I see now I missed a connection in your first post. Thanks for the clarification! I used to run MapSend, but when I got forced to Win7, it would not even install. I even tried compatibility mode on the installer. Am now wondering if I did something wrong then. Do you think it should have worked? I would have to look for another purchase if needed. I think I threw that one out with a stack of other stuff (Thanks Microsoft). Anyway, thanks for helping.
  2. In ExpertGPS, v5.19: Helps do not include coverage for Send Map to GPS. On GPS menu, contrary to statement in Helps, there is no Delete All Waypoints option.Am using Magellan Meridian Old--I mean Gold. :-) It has menu option to delete all waypoints and Routes. And an option for delete Routes Only. But no option for Delete Waypoints Only. To preserve Routes, I have to. a) Add required Routes to data file of Waypoints, Delete all from GPS, and then Load All. Which means I have to keep adding Routes to waypoint sets. Or, Preserve Routes in GPS by deleting waypoints there one by one. Thanks, DrDaveJ
  3. Yes, I want to look into getting Topo maps too. But, for now, I want to understand what happens when sending regular maps. How much of the map am I sending, how much memory does it consume (or can I know that before sending), how the GPS processes two files that contain the same area, etc. Am using ExpertGPSv5.19. I will get online there and ask questions. Was looking for general info, but now realize I might as well get specific if I can. Thanks for the reply! DrDaveJ
  4. I had seen that. On mine, it says Waypoints and Routes. There is another option for Routes Only, but there is no option for Waypoints Only. Well, it's easy enough to combine data before transfer to GPS. I will live with deleting both and reloading what's needed, until I replace this dinosa---I mean workhorse! Thanks for the help! DrDaveJ
  5. Can someone send me to a site that explains about sending a map to my GPS? I don't understand the relationship between what I download and what is already there. When I am in the area covered by the map I saved, does the GPS switch to it? Can I switch from one to the other? Don't worry about trying to teach here. I really am asking for a tutorial someplace. Thanks! Dave
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply. But, Bummer. And I think this Unit is one of those old ones the feature worked on! So, can I identify what to delete on the SD Card, and do it with card in the pc? Am I indeed stuck with deleting them all one by one using the Unit's keypad?
  7. Running latest release of ExpertGPS (5.19) and Magellan Meridian Gold. In the software Helps, instructions for deleting all waypoints says to use Delete Waypoints option on GPS Menu. No such option is shown there. So, how to delete all waypoints from this GPS? Thanks DrDaveJ