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  1. So I load my 138 waypoints from my Garmin. They all have 'fish' as waypoint symbol. I output them to my Eagle and it changes them all to 'waypoint' instead of fish. Now I have to go and edit 138 points back to fish? Sort of a useless effort in my mind. I guess I better look a different program.
  2. I am trying to transfer data from a garmin gps76 to an eagle 642c igps using easy gps. The data seems to transfer OK except for one thing, the symbols. All the symbols ( fish) convert to diamonds. Is there a way to make them transfer properly as fish?
  3. It does not send the correct icon when I send files loaded from the Garmin to the Eagle.
  4. How do I transfer Garmin GPS76 waypoints to my Eagle 642c igps? Specifically I need to know about the icons. I am able to send the waypoints to a USR file and load them. However the icons do not transfer properly. My fishing points which have a fish as the icon transfer as a normal waypoint.