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  1. have appreciated free EasyGPS for 2 years as a cemetery committee chair person mapping our 100+ cemeteries. Unfortunately, I can't seem to re-engage the thumb tac when I select "view on line"...so I have a random map that shows general location. Is there something I've forgotten, or need to enable again? Thanks, Katrina in Maine
  2. Good morning from Maine, Has anyone been able to use Easy GPS to display more than one location on the "show online" option? Thanks for input. Katrina
  3. I have been using Easy GPS to create a map for our town of all the cemeteries. We load them in, and they show correctly in easy GPS, and then when I try to select more than one to display in Google Maps, I can only get one. I need more than one if possible. Anyone found out how? Thanks !Katrina in Maine