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  1. I am a real estate agent specializing in sales of vacant land. I have ExpertGPS, an old Garmin 76Csx and a Garmin 64st, I want to be able to draw lot outlines from coordinate waypoints and to visualize the lot outlines in my Garmin when I walk the lots. I recently made a route in ExpertGPS, exported it to the Garmin then made a trip to the lot. I was very disappointed when I got to the lot to not see the route in my 64st. I need a reliable way to export the lot outlines so I can see them when I actually get to the lot with my Garmin 64st. I would like to be able to walk the lot with my Garmin 64st and to be able to tell when I am on the lot. I have been successful in doing this by sending .kml files so I can see them in Google Earth while I am walking properties. I want to do this in my Garmin.
  2. A couple of days ago, I sent my ExpertGPS file to my new Garmin. I wanted to remove a LOT of waypoints, so I erased the .gpx files I had sent to the GPS. I used Windows File Manager to delete the files. It deleted all of them that I uploaded on 6/18/2016. I tried to send to the GPS but got a message that I need to name my waypoints. I did not get this message when I sent to the GPS on 6/18/16. Is there a way to turn off this message and make the transfer anyway? I am a real estate agent and most of my waypoints are points on lot boundaries. I sometimes name them but most often do not. The download box says I have 1237 waypoints. Another question: I would like to show names on some of my waypoints but do not want the "active log" labeled. Is there a way to shut this off and still show the waypoint names? It seems to me there should be a way to turn off the labels on a track by track basis.
  3. I use my ExpertGPS software with my Garmin 76CSx. I am a real estate agent who sells land. I have been trying to map property boundaries starting with waypoints then making tracks for the boundaries. I then transmit "selected" tracks to the Garmin 76CSx. It appears that the transmission happens correctly but when I get to the field to walk the properties, the tracks do not show. I have also been trying to do the same by making routes. Neither approach seems to work. Am I doing something wrong? My GPS is OLD and lacks enough memory to work for me. Any recommendation for a replacement?