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  1. Hi, Thank you very much for your help! I just figured out that my DXF file is georeferenced in Lamber system and when I imported it with ExpertGPS with Lambert coordinates it was perfect, everything worked just fine. Let me please ask you another question: I will also need to convert my DXF files to KML or SHP. I used ExpertGPS to convert my DXF but : - - Does the conversion from DXF to KML or SHP is 100% ? I will not have a loss of data from DXF to KML or SHP ? - - If I were to choose, which format you suggest to convert to, KML or SHP ? - - When I add a DXF file to ExpertGPS, indicate that it is in the Lambert coordinate and then I export it in KML or SHP, the exported files will be also in Lambert coordinate ? Thank you very much,
  2. Hello, I have just installed a trial version of ExpertGPS and I am wondering if it would be possible : Given a simple DXF file (without any GPS coordinate and with local origin), I can import and automatically place it on its current position in the map ? I can manage to add any information required to the DXF file in order to realize this. I know that my question is little vague, should you need any other details or clarifications, please don’t hesitate. Thank you very much