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  1. I've been using EasyGPS forever on my Windows 7 PC and Windows 8 laptop, no problems. All of a sudden, when I open it it seems normal, but when I try to open any file it announces an error. Then it asks about trying to find a solution, and clicking that generates another error. X'ing that away, lo and behold, the file actually DID open, but as soon as I try to do anything at all with EasyGPS, I get the same sequence of errors. I uninstalled it and reinstalled the latest version, same problem. Note that I recently had to go through a bunch of steps to get the free Windows 10 stuff off my PC, and when I finally got that done I found I had also lost Internet Explorer (no great loss, I use Chrome anyhow). Have not yet found anything else that won't work, but time will tell. So it's possible something on my PC is causing this, but the error message suggests otherwise. So anyhow, anyone else had a similar experience? If so, did you solve it and how? Here's the text of the first error message: "A program error occurred in EasyGPS 5.53. Click Check for Solution to report this error and download a fix. Error details: \GeocacheHTMLView.cpp, line 303 CGeocacheHTMLView::SetGeocache"