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  1. I am new to ExpertGPS and am having trouble editing track logs. What I want to do is record my hike using a Garmin 64st, load the track log into ExpertGPS, clean up the log, and then save it for future reference or for measuring. I know how to load the tracklog into ExpertGPS and how to delete any points before the start of the hike and any points after the end of the hike. My problem is fine tuning the points in the middle of the hike. For example I might make small side trips that I don't want included in the final trail. Under heavy tree cover the GPS might record a point that was erroneously off the path. If I stop to take in the view, the GPS will show a lot of wondering around that point. How do you: 1) Delete a point from the middle of a track, 2) Add a point to a track, 3) move (reposition) a point in the middle of a track log. A primer for dummies would help. Any hints on gotchas would help. It appears that I might be accidentally switching modes from track edit to normal at unexpected times.