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  1. Under "GARMIN Data Transfer" there are several selections for "Transfer Mode": These are: Host Request Almanac Request Proximity Request Routes Request Tracks Request Waypoints Send Almanac Send Proximity Send Routes Send Tracks Send Waypoints I tried each selection above and no data was transferred. I'm using a USB to Serial converter to connect to the device. I loaded the serial firmware for the connection. I don't have an older laptop with a serial port. Do you think this might be a factor? Thanks, - Gary
  2. Hi Dan, Thanks for the response. Under "Comm", "Serial Data Format" I have the following options for communication: GARMIN Data Transfer GARMIN DGPS NMEA In/NEMA Out Text Out RTCM In RTCM In/NEMA Out RTCM In/Text Out None Those are the available Serial Data Formats available on the Garmin GPSMAP 176C under Communications. Thanks for your help! - Gary
  3. I have a Garmin GPSMAP 176C chart plotting receiver unit. I have a “.gpx” file from a friend that recorded waypoints going through a channel area. I can open the file with no problem using your EasyGPS app. However, when I attempt to send the file to my GPSMAP 176C (through the Garmin interface cable and serial port on my laptop), I constantly get a “GPS Error” message as follows: “This program received data it could not understand. Make sure your GPS receiver’s interface mode is set to GARMIN or HOST WAITING. NEMA output should be turned off”. Click Help for further assistance. I initially set the “Serial Data Format” to “Garmin Data Transfer” and set “Transfer Mode” to “Request Waypoints”. The waypoints do not download to my GPS. The message at the bottom of the GPS screen states “receiving waypoints”, but no waypoints are received. I have tried various settings on the Interface Tab section from the instruction manual, but I cannot successfully “Send” the “.gpx” file to the GPS device using your “EasyGPS” app. Is there something I’m missing? Are there other setup parameters on my Garmin GPSMAP 176C chart plotter that I am missing? Thank you! - Gary