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  1. We are completely happy with the Flag,Blue, but don't want to have to enter that for each waypoint in EasyGPS. The earlier versions of EasyGPS handled the "no symbol specified" situation just fine.
  2. We have a shared website where we upload/download tracks & waypoints. One of the hikers (one who has authored many of our .gpx files) strips out any extra codes in the .gpx file surrounding the waypoint name & lat/long info. Older versions of EasyGPS interpreted this waypoint as having a Flag,Blue symbol. Version 5.53 interprets this waypoint as being a small circle "City (small)" waypoint, and that's how the waypoints are depicted when loaded into a Garmin 60CSx. This causes us lots of problems navigating when we can't see where the waypoints are located on the track. The problem doesn't appear with the Garmin 64s, but many of us want to continue using the 60CSx for navigation (small arrow vs the large one in the 64s). BistiWayTrack_DBDB(1).gpx Please fix this issue in EasyGPS. The alternative is us having to set the symbol for each waypoint in an affected file to Flag,Blue.