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  1. I talked to a Garmin support tech, and he said that there is no available driver for newer 64 bit computers. I find that hard to believe, because I have lots of 32 bit software that works on my 64 bit machine. However, that was his story; and he said that Garmin was working on the problem, which is also hard to believe. Anyway, it looks like I'll have to keep my old 32 bit computer around until I buy a new GPS unit.
  2. Thanks, Dan. I'm using the converter cable on a new computer with Windows 10, and I haven't installed any driver for it; so I guess that is the problem. I saw somewhere that Windows 10 automatically installs some converter drivers, but that doesn't seem to be happening for this converter, which was made by Pfranc. That company doesn't seem to exist any longer; so I don't know where to get the driver that I need. Any suggestions? Thanks, Vito
  3. I just downloaded EasyGPS to use with my Etrex H and the associated serial to USB converter cable. The converter assigns the connection to serial port COM4, but the EasyGPS setup windows only allow COM1 and COM2 to be used. Is there any way around this?