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  1. OK Dan I have several usr files on the new card. Now I need to find that command that will allow me to load .usr data file to HDS. So close ! :-) My older Garmin was a MAP/GPS 76CS . Still have it and will keep it for a HH.
  2. I will try to make this work Dan. I appreciate the help. thanks again.
  3. Yes Dan I have the data in Expert GPS .
  4. Hi all. Trying to get my Garmin data ( Tracks, Routes & waypoints onto an SD micro card (32GB class 10 San Disc) that can be read by my HDS 7 Gen3 Lowrance. Can''t seem to find the right buttons in Expert GPS program. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know that this cannot send maps but looking to overlay this data on a base map to give me some feel for where I ACTUALLY am on Earth . Thanks in advance for any help folks. 40 plus years of Garmin data so don't wish to lose it.