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  1. OK, get it. No answers for users with old devices. *switching to GPS-Babel for Data transfers. EasyGPS downgrade to track-rename-only-tool*
  2. @Dan Foster: I know that I am maybe the last serial-based user... but I use my Geko really frequently and it still works perfectly (as long as I can transfer Waypoints and tracks to it). Thus I would really appreciate if you could offer an older build for older GPS devices. Something like "no upgrades, no support, just use it as long as it works"... Perhaps you have a possibility like that? You would do me - and probably some others - a huge favor!
  3. Oh wow. Is there a possibility to downgrade to an older version that still supported it? I was happy with EasyGPS until yesterday...
  4. Hey there. Just updated to EasyGps 5.77 (Was at 5.4x before). Now I cannot send tracks to my Garmin Geko 301 any more, because I don't find it in any list. What happened? (Website says it's still compatible: Should I have stayed with the older, working version?