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  1. Hi, I thought I'd share another way I found of adding trackpoints to a track. It works for any track, not just straight lines. You need to download GPSBabel (free & open source) and follow these instructions: https://www.gpsbabel.org/htmldoc-development/filter_interpolate.html . By decreasing the interval between trackpoints, you will get a smoother elevation profile. Also, as Dan explained to me, using http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/convert_input?form=elevation is a more efficient for getting elevation profiles for longer tracks, since it decreases the data transfer overhead.
  2. Ok, I tried the touchpad scrolling and the problem goes away. I guess this is a problem with the thinkpad trackpoint drivers not playing nice with egps. If you don't have any other ideas i'll buy a mouse, or maybe try reinstalling windows.
  3. No, the map does not zoom after I click it. Like I said, I've used your program for 100+ hours over the last few months, I'm under 30... I am computer literate (unlike some I see you graciously answer questions for). I'm using a think pad with scroll functinality simulated by a button between the left and right click buttons. Picture for the uninitiated. I hold the middle button and manipulate the trackpoint to scroll up, down, side to side. In all other circumstances, scrolling works fine. I have not tried a mouse. You know infinitely more about Windows API than I, but if scrolling to zoom works on the thinkpad it should work even if a elevation profile is open in background. Edit: I've done some experiments based on your response, and it seems that the elevation profile is receiving the scroll messages as I try to zoom in and out of the map which is visible. I have two tabs, a map and an elevation profile for a line on the map, the map is selected and visible, I side-scroll, and when I go back to the elevation profile it has moved. Is this your intended feature? Because it kind of feels like handcuffs. It would be more helpful if the map always received scroll notifications when it is visible, and the elevation profile when it is visible.
  4. Hi dan, thanks for your reply. The problem I'm describing is not that I can't zoom the map while I have the elevation profile open. That would be a pretty weird thing to want to do. It's that while I have a map open and an elevation profile in an inactive tab, I can't use the normal scroll wheel function on the map. It's frustrating because I often want to cross reference with the elevation profile while I add waypoints to a line. As it is, I lose the ability to easily navigate the map if I have the elevation profile open in a background tab. But maybe you can't replicate this on your system? As far as getting elevation, does your arrangement with Garmin preclude you from implementing the feature I want? Is is some kind of Internet transfer size issue? It feels like such a mindless task going block of points by block of points. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into other options, although I don't know why expertgps should be limited this way.
  5. Hi, first off great software, I'm really impressed by the quality of maps and precise measurement features. I've used ExpertGPS for hundreds of hours over the last few months. I have found two issues that hurt my productivity with the software. First, I can't use my mouse scroll feature to zoom a map while an elevation profile is open in another tab. Because I'd like to keep my elevation profile open, this is an annoyance. Second, the warning when you try to get elevations for more than 400 points. So I have to manually go through the trackpoint list, getting elevation 300 points at a time for hundreds of thousands of points... This should be what computers are for. If you could fix these two issues it would make ExpertGPS so much more valuable to me.