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  1. I just want to be able to move a trackpoint, not make a waypoint.
  2. I'm just purchased the pro version of EXPERT GPS. I have no problem importing my data into the program from my GPS. However, I am having an issue with my CAD file. The base unit is in inches in the CAD file and when I export the file as a DXF and import it into the DXF into EXPERT gps the scale is way off (I' guessing by a factor of 12). Is there any way This can be an automatic option as I don't want to have to rescale the drawing each time to go back and forth between the two programs. The CAD file is quite large with 52 layers soon to be more. I saw the option for importing with local origins but I don't have those defined on the drawing. I am using a county specific datum in EXPERTGPS which the CAD file is based on but using WGS84 in my garmin and I do see some differences. Looking for the best solution to this problem. Thanks,