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  1. Dan its the symbol size that is the problem. no matter what, when I print (it can be on anything) pdf , printer ect the symbol shrinks so small you can not see it only the text label, is the only thing you can adjust the size to. I want to change the symbol size when it prints. Rick
  2. Morning Dan please look at the PDF attachment on the last string i posted. there is a command for editing the waypoint diplay. that i cannot find. Thank Rick
  3. not what i am talking about I am missing the ability to edit how it is displayed. the attached are the edit TYPE diaog boxes that are not here any more. I want to change the MAP Marker, Right now only 2 choices the one i created and NONE. Expert~1.pdf
  4. i somehow have reworked how waypoints are displayed, and now come out very very small on a PDF. The new version of expert GPS does not have the "edit waypoint type dialog box" any more. I have deinstalled and installed a new copy those commands dont show up. I need to redo how it is displayed Thanks again Rick