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  1. Sounds good, thanks for the speedy reply!
  2. Hello, I've just downloaded ExpertGPS and am evaluating it in demo mode. It seems that when I zoom in too far, the topo lines are disappearing. Some of the lines are still visible, it seems in areas that there is no tree cover. So it seems like the tree cover is covering the topo lines. I've included a couple of screen shots to illustrate. The location of these images is N49.375 W123.085. It also happens at this US location: N48.91406 W121.69975. Is there any reason why "Show Topo Map (USA Only)" is limited to USA only? This option does show a nice Canadian topo map when you start in the US and scroll into Canada, but it eventually reverts back to "Show Street Map". Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Martin