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  1. That 5.60 exe file does not seem to execute on my Windows XP machine. I double-click on it and nothing happens. Is it compatible with XP? If it is not compatible with XP, could I copy the way points to my newer (Windows 7) computer using the serial cable plus a serial to USB adapter? If so, should I still be using v 5.60? If those ideas are no good, could I do it using a cable with the Garmin 4 pin connector on one and and USB on the other end? Thanks
  2. Have about 60 waypoints in my original (yellow) eTrex. Want to transfer those waypoints to an eTrex Vista I bot used that came with a serial cable. My computer has a USB 3.0 port but no serial port and runs Windows 7 but I still have an old PC running XP with a serial port. Is there a version of EasyGPS that will work with both these eTrex devices (or two versions: one for each)? After I transfer the waypoints, I'd like to continue to use the Windows 7 computer with the Vista. How would i do that if not already covered by the answer to the above? Both my original eTrex and the eTrex Vista have no letter designations after their names.