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  1. Thanks Dan, I opened an account on MapBox, and I can see the potential, but it appears to have a learning curve that I'll work on when I can (I'm preparing a speech for tomorrow, so not tonight), but it is not obvious how to get the URL. MapBox seems to have a URL generator for ArcGIS and three other applications, but that doesn't work for EGPS. Any quick and dirty tips from your experience? I look forward to your mapping efforts coming in the spring!
  2. Hi Dan, The source of the map displayed when I select "Show Street Map" changes from time to time, and I was wondering if there was a way to get a map that shows shaded relief and maybe some major roads, but not other text overlays. For example, on the first attached map (GB Boundary NM), is there a different server (or just a way) to get a map like this but without the place names and tree symbols (something like the second attached map, "Elevations," that apparently is no longer available)? Thanks again for all you do to make eGPS a great program.
  3. Chong, You probably are suffering from a UTM "map datum" problem. Different areas use different map datums (and some areas use more than one), so you will need to figure out what UTM datum your paper map is using. After that, you'll need to see if EGPS provides the datum you need. This article explains the datum mismatch issue for my area: http://www.birdandhike.com/General_Info/Datums/_Datums.htm
  4. I just updated Windows and EGPS 5.80, and all seems to be working fine.
  5. I'm using EGPS 5.78 and Windows 10, and zoom works fine for me (keyboard and tools) on the three standard map types (streetmap, aerial, topo), so perhaps the problem is specific to your system. Cheers, Jim
  6. I'm not sure if this helps, but as you scroll through the track-point list, you can click on a track-point, and EGPS will move the "little orange arrow on the map" to that point. I'm not sure I completely understand your question, but it might be easier to zoom in on your track to where ever you want, then click on the track to set the "little orange arrow" and show all of the track-points. You can then move the arrow along the track using your left and right arrow keys until you find an interesting item. Then select the track-point and select Convert to Waypoint.
  7. Bob, another way to do it, although one-by-one, is to click in the "Label on Map" field, then hit the Tab or Return or Enter key. EGPS will auto-fill the "Name on GPS" field as you tab to another field or close the dialog box. I find this useful, but I don't rename large batches of waypoints.
  8. Wahoo! Thanks -- that takes care of it. As an aside, I see that I was two versions old, which is often the case when I get a notice to upgrade. Why does EGPS sometimes check for new versions and not check other times?
  9. Hi Dan, It's been almost a month, and you've not responded to my comment. My export function remains unusable. Any ideas about what I'm doing wrong or any ideas about a work around? The original "jump to" point described above has changed, but the export function still "jumps to" places other than what I have onscreen when I choose the export function.
  10. Following up, I have not found a workaround (other than Print Screen), and the Map/Export Image function remains unusable for me today.
  11. Hi Dan, I'm having more problems with the Export Image function. When I center the map image on my screen and select Map/Export Image, the map image on my screen jumps to a different place and the bounding box lines that used to outline the selected map image do not appear. If I click Export anyways, I get the current screen image rather than the image I originally wanted. It is of note that the place the Export Image jumps to was the center of a map I was exporting a couple of days ago. It makes no difference when using Street Maps, Aerial Photos, or Topo Maps. Desired Export Image ready for export: When I select Map/Export Image, I get the screen image below. Note that the map center has jumped to the southeast and the traditional map export bounding box and diagonal lines do not show up. If I click Export, I get this map image rather than the one I wanted. I'm dealing with the problem by using the Windows Print Screen function and cropping the image in Photoshop, but this isn't really satisfactory. Any suggestions are welcome. I'm using current Windows, current E-GPS, and I've quit and restarted without effect. Cheers, Jim
  12. I'm a Mac user since the earliest days of the Macintosh. I do everything on my Mac except ... I have a PC laptop on my desk that I use exclusively for EGPS. Dan has created the best of the best -- there is nothing to compare with EGPS in the PC or Mac worlds. If your buddy needs the full features of EGPS, then he needs to run Windows one way or another. However, there are Mac programs (even Garmin's Basecamp) that do basic work with tracks and waypoints, but I've quit looking at them because nothing compares with the full feature set of EGPS. Period.
  13. Garmin Oregon 600: Waypoint Name = 30, Waypoint Comment = 50, Track Name = 36 Garmin Rino 650: Waypoint Name = 31, Waypoint Comment = 50, Track Name = 36 Thanks for working on this!
  14. Dan, it is always nice to see you working on EGPS. In the new version, I like the combination of the track and waypoint display and edit functions. However, what happened to all of my defined track styles? Over the years I've standardized my track displays for various land cover types, road types, and trail types. It appears that none of my styles are working. For example, today all of my road styles show only a solid, thin black line. In addition, the line border feature doesn't seem to work, or at least I can't see how to make it work now. Previously, I think I used a line border to make black-and-white dashed lines to depict graded dirt roads. I don't see how to create such a line now. An I missing something? See attached map image for examples of the black-and-white dashed lines that I'm trying to display.
  15. Yes, I noticed it doing that when I import from the GPS, but it is also doing it -- for some of the tracks -- when I open an existing file.