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  1. I have recently got the expertgps program, but have not been able to load a map I need to my Garmin Oregon 650T. I stay in EU and it came pre loaded with map of EU, so never had any problem with that. But now I need to load a map of Mali, Africa, for which I got this software. But since yesterday I have been trying to follow all instructions given, but failed to load any map to my device. Please can anyone guide me how to go about it? All help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am producing walking maps.I have access to high resolution maps which I import and calibrate then add waypoints and tracks in ExpertGPS. This map is then exported for further processing in Photoshop. 1/ I used the Print map function and the Adober writer. All the Adobe settings standard/high resolution/print quality all resulted in an identical pdf file about the same size around 200KB. 2/ I also tested the export map function to a .tiff file which resulted in a much larger file 3MB I imported both of them to Photoshop and compared them and they are more or less identical in resolution. Can someone explain to me what happened here? The different pdf settings should result in different resolution and file sizes The .tiff export should have the highest resolution. Rgds Anders
  3. I'm pleased to announce that you can now create map legends in ExpertGPS. Right-click on a waypoint, track, or shape in ExpertGPS and click Add to Map Legend.
  4. What features or improvements would you like to see in ExpertGPS to make it easier to navigate in the field or on the water? Here are some scenarios that I've encountered this summer, that I'd like to improve upon in ExpertGPS: 1. When sea kayaking with a deck-mounted compass, we often want magnetic bearings for crossings. I've been using the Route Tool in ExpertGPS to overlay those ahead of time, but that adds two waypoints that I don't really need to the map. What I'd really like is just a line with bearing, distance, and back-bearing. 2. When sea kayaking, I really want my chart printed with magnetic north up, so I can do quickly determine approximate cardinal bearings (let's go NNW) without having to remember declination or look for a compass rose. I ended up rotating some NOAA charts in Photoshop to align them to magnetic north, and then imported into ExpertGPS. 3. Some of my trail maps have magnetic north lines scribed at one-mile intervals. I'd like the option to overlay these lines in ExpertGPS before printing any type of map. I've been using Grid Builder to do this before some trips. 4. Recently I was exploring a new area, and there was some confusion caused by a trail junction that wasn't on the map. If there was a quick way to mark "this trail diverges at 330 degrees magnetic" on the map ahead of time, a quick glance at the compass would have shown that this wasn't the intersection I was looking for. I have some ideas of how I'd like to address these issues in ExpertGPS, but I'd like to hear your stories about: - how you mark up maps for navigation ahead of time - what navigational decisions you find yourself facing in the field - how ExpertGPS could be improved to make navigating on the fly easier
  5. I have EasyGPS working with my Garmins ETrex Legend. Way points were transferred to the program. But there is No Map on the right, just waypoints. OK what am I doing wrong.
  6. Hello everyone! I just purchased ExpertGPS a few minutes ago and I used the map retrieval tool to download maps. I accidentally selected an area far larger than I meant to, and I have a massive queue of maps downloading right now. Is there a way to cancel the map retrieval? Thanks!