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  1. I'm working on increasing the variety of date/time formats that ExpertGPS can recognize and parse when importing CSV data. If you have GPS data logger files, or timestamped data from another program, I'm looking for sample data files to test with. You can post CSV files here or email them to me at support @@ expertgps dot com.
  2. ExpertGPS Edit waypoint allows me to specify a proximity waypoint. I made a .gpx file having a single waypoint, including Proximity: 30 Meters I used Export waypoints in a list to a .csv file, which shows no trace of the proximity specification: --- Label,Type,Symbol,Rank,Description,Name on GPS,Distance to Active Point,Bearing,Comment,Latitude,Longitude,Elevation TESTPROX,Waypoint,Waypoint,1,,TESTPROX,0000.0000,0000.0000,,37.2221983,-121.5236624, --- Am I missing something, or is there no support for proximity waypoints? Dick Rawson