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  1. How to convert garmin waypoints to lowrance waypoints and then download them to lowrance using easygps program?
  2. Forgive me if this has been covered but I am considering buying the expertgps with optional gis data which is pricey so i figured i should ask a few questions before committing. I have a Garmin Oregon 550t gps unit. I would like to create topographic maps for my unit using. -my own waypoints & photos -downloaded pdf topos with aerial photo overlays -historic maps in pdf format. -and gis data Can expertgps perform these tasks and Is it possible to get that kind of detail on my unit? Because the map my gps comes with really blows. I have been told this is possible. But If my unit is not capable of this which unit would be the best option. Thanks and Keep it Wild Notsuredomus
  3. garmin

    Unable to download maps as my device is not on your list. Garmin nuvi 2597 LMT
  4. hi all i'm thinking of buying a garmin etrex h from ebay i would like to know if it's easy to configure the unit what leads i will need and drivers ect also how many waypoints i can use on the device. i will be using routes from walking highlands regards eddy
  5. This is not about how to create custom symbols — there are enough threads and information out there about that, and I've got a set of custom symbols … BMP with magenta transparency bit for my GPS loaded into the CustomSymbols folder on my device, and PNG equivalents with 8-bit transparency and same filename hosted on a website and associated in ExpertGPS by way of editing the Windows Registry so it works the same way as all the other ExpertGPS symbols. My problem is getting my Garmin eTrex 30 to recognise custom symbols uploaded from ExpertGPS and to get ExpertGPS to recognise custom symbols created on my eTrex. ExpertGPS writes the custom marker value pointing to my website in the /wpt/extensions/extensions/marker@urlin the GPX but my GPS obviously doesn't have Internet access and can't download the PNG, nor does it recognise that the filename stub "waterfall" should coincide with the waterfall.bmp it has. Waypoints created on my eTrex write no additional information in the GPX so ExpertGPS has nothing to work with. Is there a configuration file I should be creating on my eTrex to aid translation? Or should I be overriding and translating through the existing symbol set (which I don't need anyway as I don't use any of the default symbols)? Or do I need to use 001.bmp / 001.png syntax instead, would that help? UPDATE: I tried renaming waterfall.bmp to Airport.bmp in /CustomSymbols/ on my Garmin, and edited the Registry to set GPS Symbol key of the Waypoint Types "Waterfall" to Airport, and so when I create a waypoint on my eTrex with the custom symbol Waterfall (that's being written to GPS as Airport) it shows up in ExpertGPS in both the Symbols column of the waypoints list and on the map as … the Airport. That's progress of a sort I guess!
  6. Hello, New to the forum. I have a maps that I used on my old explorist 500 with .imi extension. I tried to open it with expertgps but was not successful. Can the imi file be converted to img so it can be used. Thanks in advance for your help, John
  7. I am new to Expert GPS and I am trying to determine if this is software that will work for our business. Currently we use GPS model Garmin Nuvi 260W. We mainly use these currently to navigate our way between lease sites that we inspect. Most of this is not off-road we use highways. What I would like to do is put polygons from Google Earth on the map in the GPS so we can track exactly where we are on the GPS screen in comparision to the lease site. We would also like to be able to create routes to use on the Garmins. With that background I have a few questions. In the trial version I currently have when I try to "send to GPS" tracks and routes are greyed out. From what I have seen tracks are the polygons I created in Google Earth and routes are what we would use to get from lease site to lease site. What do I need to do to unlock these for download onto our Garmins? If the nuvi model we have does not work with Expert GPS what would be a better GPS unit to buy that would be compatible so we could accomplish the goals I stated?
  8. Following on from thread Marking geocaches as found on eTrex 30, not yet found in ExpertGPS: Would it be helpful if caches you marked as FOUND on your GPS device would be marked as FOUND in ExpertGPS when you download Geocaches from your device? On my Garmin eTrex 30, the geocaches list looks like this: When you opt to view just the Found geocaches, it looks like this: There is a setting in ExpertGPS now that looks it could be used to identify Found caches coming off your GPS But it doesn't work as expected as logging geocaches as Found on your device (as least for my Garmin) does not actually update the geocache but rather seems to just write in the geocache_visits.txt and geocache_visits.xml files, which ExpertGPS does not currently read: So pulling geocaches off your GPSr is getting the same data that you sent to it before you went geocaching: What I'd like to see is this (where I've manually edited the cache in ExpertGPS): It would be useful if ExpertGPS could recognise Found and DNF caches as it would be easier to handle it in ExpertGPS rather than powering up and manually reading the relevant cache IDs off my Garmin to look them up on It's not an issue when you've only found a handful of caches, but when you go on a 2-week camping trip without access to a computer and come back with dozens of finds it's a bit more tedious. Please vote if you'd like Dan to extend this functionality to actually recognise caches marked as Found on your GPS device (specifically Garmin unless other brands and geocache logging schemas are nominated) as and also mark them as Found (or DNF) in ExpertGPS.
  9. The GeoBuddy config dialog in ExpertGPS has the correct symbol mapped for Found geocaches (the open treasure chest) but when I pull geocaches off my eTrex 30 they all are marked as Not Yet Found with the 3D green lid box. This means that ExpertGPS is useless to me when recalling what GPSs I've found on a trip and I need to manually read them off my Garmin unit. I don't know if it's related but the geocache symbol that ExpertGPS and my eTrex use to indicate Not Yet Found geocaches is that 3D box with the green lid, which is neither a symbol available to me for waypoints nor is it in the NPS symbol library. Why isn't ExpertGPS recognising my Found geocaches when it is set up to map that the open treasure chest symbol (which is shown against my Found geocaches on my eTrex) to mean found?
  10. I just downloaded EasyGPS and easily got my geocache locations sent to my Garmin nuvi 1300LM. Is there a way to assign a category to them though that they'll automatically be put into on the Garmin? Looking through "All favorites" takes much too long to find them that way, even to assign categories to them. There must be a way, even if I can manually edit the .gpx file? Thanks for any assistance.
  11. I just downloaded EasyGPS and easily got my geocache locations sent to my Garmin nuvi 1300LM. Is there a way to assign a category to them though that they'll automatically be put into on the Garmin? Looking through "All favorites" takes much too long to find them that way, even to assign categories to them. There must be a way, even if I can manually edit the .gpx file? Thanks for any assistance.
  12. I wonder if Garmin adapter for GPSMap series (010-10276-00) will allow me to read data from the memory chip (inserted to my GPSMAP178 Sounder) into my PC (hence EasyGPS system). Is the any other way of reading data from GPSMAP178 Sounder into PC?
  13. To all, We are trying to utilize the XGPS software (currently in demo mode) to upload (unsuccessfully) a shape file to our Garmin 496 aviation GPS. - The shp file is of multiple perimeters (about 30, each averaging about 5000 acres) for an area in the state of Oregon. - We have successfully loaded the shp file into the demo version of xGPS. - However, the infomation shows up in the Arctic Ocean, north of Alaska. - The G496 is connected to the laptop and xGPS successfully via USB. - We can successfully download waypoints from the G496 into xGPS. FYI: We are not experts, just dumb pilots trying to make this happen by 3/30/12. Regards, HAC
  14. Is there a way to export an IMG file rather than a kmz or gpx?