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  1. I have a problem adding geo-location information to JPG files (photographs), using EasyGPS. I acquired an Active Log using a Garmin eTrex H during a vacation in 2011, and took several hundred photographs as well. When adding the JPG files (of the photos) to the Active Log, they are placed in the wrong location - an hour ahead of where they should be. Inspection of the GPX file shows the times in Z (GMT or UTC), whereas the JPG timestamps appear to be GMT+1 or even GMT+2. Also, the EXIF time appears to be out of sync with the Modified Date datestamp of the actual file. Changing any of these times makes NO difference, the photographs are still placed on the wrong location on the map. At the start of the vacation, I did ensure that the timers for both camera and GPS device were synced.
  2. Hello all, I am testing the demo version and have a question. The Nuvi 2595 LMT does not handle tracks from the factory, only waypoints and routes. It appears that expert GPS can handle this issue and convert a track (where theres is no route, street or anything in the basemap) to some sort of format that the Nuvi 2595 can handle. But so far I could not get this done. I loaded a KML file into expertgps and sent it to my Garmin 2595, but it does not show up on my unit. Is there any way to load gpx or kml files into expert gpx and load them into nuvi 2595 as tracks or routes if the basemap in the unit does not show that track/path/line? Thanks, Cristián
  3. This is not about how to create custom symbols — there are enough threads and information out there about that, and I've got a set of custom symbols … BMP with magenta transparency bit for my GPS loaded into the CustomSymbols folder on my device, and PNG equivalents with 8-bit transparency and same filename hosted on a website and associated in ExpertGPS by way of editing the Windows Registry so it works the same way as all the other ExpertGPS symbols. My problem is getting my Garmin eTrex 30 to recognise custom symbols uploaded from ExpertGPS and to get ExpertGPS to recognise custom symbols created on my eTrex. ExpertGPS writes the custom marker value pointing to my website in the /wpt/extensions/extensions/marker@urlin the GPX but my GPS obviously doesn't have Internet access and can't download the PNG, nor does it recognise that the filename stub "waterfall" should coincide with the waterfall.bmp it has. Waypoints created on my eTrex write no additional information in the GPX so ExpertGPS has nothing to work with. Is there a configuration file I should be creating on my eTrex to aid translation? Or should I be overriding and translating through the existing symbol set (which I don't need anyway as I don't use any of the default symbols)? Or do I need to use 001.bmp / 001.png syntax instead, would that help? UPDATE: I tried renaming waterfall.bmp to Airport.bmp in /CustomSymbols/ on my Garmin, and edited the Registry to set GPS Symbol key of the Waypoint Types "Waterfall" to Airport, and so when I create a waypoint on my eTrex with the custom symbol Waterfall (that's being written to GPS as Airport) it shows up in ExpertGPS in both the Symbols column of the waypoints list and on the map as … the Airport. That's progress of a sort I guess!
  4. I refer to this list on this website: List of Supported Lowrance GPS Receivers for ExpertGPS map software Lowrance iFinder H2O C I received a user manual. It mentions only *.usr files, no other. I'd like to purchase such gps unit. However, for me there are 3 must have: 1) gpx 2) easy exchangeable batteries (AA) 3) buttons for "blind" handling, no touch screen I have hundreds of waypoints on my Garmin, and in GPX files which I want to transfer. I am easy GPX user. I felt when there might be an error in a Topografix publication, the least I can do is let them know. The forum leader is welcome to pass on this message, free of royalies. iFINDER_H2Oc_0148-811_101805.pdf
  5. Hi I have been using EasyGPS for quite some time now and really appreciate it. One question thou. What software is used to make the GPX file used as an example on the download page? I would really like to get that kind of information in my GPX file! Thanks
  6. When i download a gpx file to my computer when i open it easygps opens and shows the file ok. But everytime i download further caches another copy of easy gps opens. On and on and on. Is this normal? Can you help please. Trappersam
  7. I am about to buy a smartphone with decent GPS. My current cell phone might be 5 years old. My etrex venture hc has a bad display, not working right from new batteries, ok from USB. The cost of repair and 2x shipping is considerable. I had a Lowrance, 2 Garmin etrex. I am about to drop Garmin. Important for my GPS: 1) Sensitivity for handheld unit 2) data transfer in and out in gpx format (Topografix) 3) maps available 4) combination cell localizer + GPS welcome, not a must. I did not find any sensitivity information that would help me in product selection. I realize a dedicated GPS unit has advantages over a combo like smartphone. Then, a smartphone has abilities the GPS unit does not have. Please help me on the smartphone GPS + gpx + sensitivity.
  8. Hi, I exported a gpx file to my garmin nuvi 2350. The gpx file is stored in de gpx folder. But, how can a select the route (gpx file) on my gps? Should the route of the gpx file be visible under favorites menuitem? Thanks in advance for your answer. Dieter