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  1. I am trying to export to dxf from expert gps. My original file is a google earth kml. After "export data on map" in expertgps and opening the dxf in autocad, the coordinates and scale are lost. The line types in expertgps are tracks. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue? Thanks.
  2. Hi All, New to EGPS. I am loving EGPS! I'm using it to create maps from scanned images that I view on my iPhone. I'm looking for a mapping application that works well on my iPhone. It would be ideal if I had a good viewer for a format that comes straight out of EGPS..... I'm using the maps to navigate, overlay GPX tracks, and record GPX tracks while dirt biking in the mountains of Colorado. I have "KML map" loaded: It is sluggish using the large maps (~20 MB) that I'm kicking out. The program I like best is "PDF Maps": However this requires that I perform an extra step to create a geo PDF in another program. FYI - If you want to create a geo PDF, the capability was built into Acrobat Pro 9! It was pulled out in 10 so that GIS companies like ArcGIS and ESRI could make money selling high end software to do what used to be free! So, my question/topic is "How are people using EGPS output effectively on iPhones?" Looking forward to learning what others are doing! Reagan